Hunger in the Heartland

Update 11/5/20: Today, Governor Ricketts announced that Nebraska would be applying for SNAP Emergency Allotments for the months of November and December (and potentially longer if the federal government authorizes it).

Because of your advocacy including calls to the Governor’s office, signing the petition, and sharing your story, more Nebraskans can rest more easily with this extension of SNAP Emergency Allotments!

Over 40,000 Nebraska households utilizing SNAP will be able to access $7M of benefits on December 8, 2020. This is a win for the Nebraskans receiving the benefit, farmers and grocers, and our Nebraska communities!

The quotes below were taken directly from the over 1200 Nebraska petition signer comments responding to the prompt: “Tell Governor Ricketts why [SNAP emergency allotments] matter to you”. The photos are from Nebraskans responding to the question, “What does food insecurity / good nutrition look like to you?”

They remain relevant in this time of COVID-19. These voices need to be heard.

Greater Nebraska

Lincoln and Omaha

Take Action

Share your story and pictures

If you’d like to add your story to this gallery, go to and share your pictures and comments.


MAZON A Jewish Response To Hunger Our thanks to MAZON: A Jewish Response to Hunger for their support of this project.

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