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Improved child care subsidies would strengthen support for working parents

Across the U.S., low-income families that receive child care subsidies are more likely to be employed, maintain work for longer periods of time and increase their annual earnings and financial resources. It’s a tool that has proven to be an enormous success to help families get ahead. Unfortunately, investment in child care subsidies has been lagging nationwide. Funding for child… Read more →


New report shows Minority working families in Nebraska are falling behind

***For Immediate Release*** March 16, 2015 Contact, Jeff Sheldon Communications Director, Nebraska Appleseed Office: (402) 438-8853 Mobile: (402) 840-7289 jsheldon@neappleseed.org Report: Minority Working Families in Nebraska falling behind Latino Immigrants at Greatest Risk; Study Concludes State Can Address the Problem LINCOLN – A new study concludes that a sharp racial and ethnic divide has emerged within the world of low-income… Read more →