Tag: Working Families

Improved child care subsidies would strengthen support for working parents

Across the U.S., low-income families that receive child care subsidies are more likely to be employed, maintain work for longer periods of time and increase their annual earnings and financial resources. It’s a tool that has proven to be an enormous success to help families get ahead. Unfortunately, investment in child care subsidies has been lagging nationwide. Funding for child… Read more →

GoodHire program to help Nebraskans get meaningful work experience

Appleseed very enthusiastically supported a bill during the 2013 Nebraska Legislature session that created a pilot program to encourage Nebraska businesses to hire new employees and grow the state’s economy through wage subsidies. The bill, LB 368, introduced by State Senator Sue Crawford, was a win-win both for businesses looking to grow and hard-working Nebraskans who needed a chance to… Read more →

Child care assistance bill would strengthen Nebraska families

Affordable child care is vital to allow families to work and to keep children safe. In Nebraska, the Child Care Subsidy Program provides assistance to low-income families that are working their way toward independence by helping cover the costs of childcare.  Unfortunately, Nebraska ranks at the bottom of the country in income eligibility for the Child Care Subsidy Program, creating… Read more →