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Join talks on creating an economic future for all Nebraskans

Our community partners – Community Action of Nebraska and Center for Rural Affairs –  would like to invite you talk about how to create an economic future for all Nebraskans and learn more about what’s at stake in the upcoming state Legislative session. Consider attending one of the upcoming community meetings:   Monday, December 12 o   6 – 7 pm, Scottsbluff, Gering Public Library  … Read more →

Sign online petition supporting responsible tax system in Nebraska

The Nebraska Tax Modernization Committee has finished up its series of public hearings and is now meeting to come up with recommendations for the future of our state’s tax system. We have one more way we would like our state senators to hear from you. Please consider signing this online petition started by Rebuild Nebraska telling our senators you believe… Read more →

Take Action – Add your voice to Nebraska tax discussion

Our state’s tax system affects every Nebraska family, and changes in tax policy can have big implications especially to families that make low incomes. To make sure our tax system is fair for our state’s lowest-earning families, Appleseed is keeping a close eye on the discussion about possible changes to Nebraska’s tax system made by the Legislature’s Tax Modernization Committee.… Read more →

New Study: Risky tax plan likely would raise taxes for most Nebraskans

Today, OpenSky Policy Institute, a nonpartisan Nebraska organization dedicated to fiscal research and analysis, released results of a new study on what a large cut in the state’s income tax could mean for our state’s economy. The results indicate Nebraska would send a large chunk of revenue out of state if it implemented a risky tax structure that recently has… Read more →

Appleseed joins Rebuild Nebraska to protect The Good Life

A critical debate is underway in Nebraska about our current tax system.  The Legislature created the Nebraska Tax Modernization Committee to examine these issues.  This group, composed of 14 state senators, will hold meetings the rest of the year to decide what, if any, changes need to be made to our state’s tax structure. As part of that process, the… Read more →

Legislative Update

Appleseed testified on a number of bills in committee last week Foster Care Reimbursement Rates LB 530 – A bill that increases reimbursements for foster families to better meet the needs of children in foster care, establishes a pilot project for a new method of determining rates, and extends the Children’s Commission and its subcommittees until 2016. Appleseed testified in… Read more →

Legislative Update

Last week, Appleseed testified on several bills at the Legislature Appleseed Opposes Harmful Tax Policy LB 405 and LB 406 – Two harmful bills that would create a regressive tax structure by eliminating the state income and corporate taxes and eliminate sales tax exemptions.  Appleseed joined the overwhelming opposition to these two bills. Appleseed encourages a thorough, thoughtful discussion on Nebraska’s tax system,… Read more →

Appleseed joins dozens of testifiers opposing regressive tax plan

Yesterday, Appleseed joined dozens of testifiers from around the state – farmers and business leaders, college students and faith groups, health care administrators and advocates – in opposing the regressive tax plan laid out in LB 405. In a hearing that went for nine-and-a-half hours, Nebraskans from all over the state waited well into the night to tell the Revenue… Read more →

Regressive tax plan would threaten “The Good Life”

We oppose LB 405 because it would result in a regressive tax structure that puts that good life at risk.  By depleting a significant portion of revenue for the state, this proposal reverses the investments we have made for generations in the very things that make Nebraska strong – great public education, safe communities, and healthy families.  We recognize the… Read more →

Immigrants and the Child Tax Credit by the Numbers

Denying the Credit to Some American Children Doesn’t Make Sense By Marshall Fitz , Sarah Jane Glynn of The Center for American Progress As the February deadline for Congress to extend the payroll tax holiday through 2012 approaches, members of Congress continue to come up with inhumane and counterproductive ways to offset the loss of tax revenue. Rather than look to the wealthiest citizens… Read more →