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Wage subsidy bill LB 368 a win-win for Nebraska businesses & employees

The great work ethic of Nebraska’s labor force is one of the most important drivers of our economy.  LB 368, introduced by Senator Sue Crawford, would create opportunities for Nebraska businesses to hire new employees and grow the state’s economy through wage subsidies. “LB 368 creates a subsidized employment pilot program that creates new job opportunities for low-income Nebraskans and… Read more →

New study says only half of small-business employees get health benefits

A new study from the Commonwealth Fund, an independent health care policy foundation, confirms an alarming, decade-long decline in the number of employees working in small businesses who receive health insurance from their employers. The report found that in 2010 only 49 percent of workers in small businesses with fewer than 50 employees were offered and eligible for health insurance… Read more →

Health Reform Helping Small Businesses

One year ago on Wednesday, President Obama signed into law a historic package of health reforms that has already begun to improve the state of health care in Nebraska and all over the United States.  In honor of this momentous achievement, we will be blogging on some of the most notable aspects of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act… Read more →

Helping Small Businesses

There was more proof last week that the health reform law is helping just as it was intended. One of the goals of the health care law was to provide tax credits to small businesses to help ease the burden of health care costs. It’s working. According to a new survey, the number of small businesses with 10 employees or… Read more →