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Nebraskans in the Coverage Gap – Without health coverage, Heather has to parent through pain

Any parent can tell you that having young children takes up most of your attention, and even on the best days, will require most of your energy. So every parent needs to be able to guard their health, not just for themselves, but to be at their best for their children as well. Unfortunately, like many Nebraska parents, Heather doesn’t… Read more →

Nebraskans In The Coverage Gap: Jennifer fighting uphill battle after on-the-job injury

No one should be devastated financially for suffering an on-the-job injury, but after Jennifer got hurt working in a hotel, she found that getting healthy enough to get back to work was harder than she ever could have imagined. The injury forced the Bellevue woman to lose her job, which made affording health coverage nearly impossible, and her applications for… Read more →

Nebraskans in the Coverage Gap: “Not having health insurance turns your life into a vicious cycle”

Marea Bishop vowed not to let her health problems define her. But that didn’t mean the single mother from Bellevue was immune from the harsh effects of being unable to afford health coverage. Marea told her story in an Omaha World-Herald piece, laying out how chronic health problems chipped away at her ability to work and eventually forced her to… Read more →