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More Benefits to Nebraskans From the Affordable Care Act

Yesterday, Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Kathleen Sebelius announced that 12.8 million Americans will benefit from $1.1 billion in rebates from insurance companies this summer, because of the Affordable Care Act’s 80/20 rule.  Nebraskans are expected to receive $4.8 million in rebates.  More than 46,000 people will get a rebate, with an average of $215 per family. These rebates… Read more →

The ACA – Putting Money Back in Our Pockets

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, millions of people are expected to receive checks from their insurance companies this year. Kaiser Health News estimates that insurance companies will be sending $1.3 billion back to consumers under a provision in the Affordable Care Act that requires insurance carriers to spend 80-85% of premium dollars on actual health care costs rather than administrative… Read more →