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Better Breakfast Leaders: Brady Public Schools reduces stigma and feeds more kids through alternative breakfast

School and District leadership plays a vital role in whether students get the food they need during the school day. It’s their observations, attention to data, and decisions that dictate many students’ meal-time experiences in school.  Superintendent James McGown of Brady Public Schools, about 30 minutes east of North Platte, is one leader whose decisions helped reduce hunger in his… Read more →

Better Breakfast Leaders: Bayard Public Schools leaders learned by doing

The national benchmark, for school breakfast participation is 7 low-income students eating breakfast for every 10 eating lunch. Nationally, we serve a little over 5 in 10 kids. In Nebraska, we serve 4 in 10, placing us 48th in the nation. However, around 17 districts in our state are hitting or exceeding the national benchmark including Bayard Public Schools.  About… Read more →

Better Breakfast Leaders: Lincoln’s Campbell Elementary ensures students are fed through grab and go breakfast

Note: This a guest post from Claire Breen, Economic Justice Intern For faculty and staff at Campbell Elementary School in Lincoln, NE, focusing on the well-being of their students has always been a priority. So, when it became clear that many of their students didn’t always have a chance to eat breakfast before school, they took immediate steps to implement… Read more →