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Martin Luther King Jr

It Starts With Us: Addressing Racism in Commemoration of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

This is a guest blog post by Nebraska Appleseed Immigrants & Communities Program Intern, Nile Debebe. Honest dialogue about racism and its impact is a vital step in building inclusive communities and until or unless we are intentional, we will not achieve communities where everyone feels like they belong. On this Martin Luther King Day, intern Nile Debebe shares his… Read more →

2022 Nebraska Legislative Session begins today!

Nebraska Appleseed’s Legislative Update News and Updates from the Nebraska Unicameral Happy 2022! The Nebraska Legislature officially kicked off this year’s short session today. Senators will introduce new legislation for the next 10 days and hearings on those bills will begin in a few short weeks. We also expect floor debate on carry-over legislation to start as soon as next… Read more →

2021: Celebrating major milestones built by decades of collective advocacy and leadership

This year, We’ve had the opportunity to work on some of the toughest issues facing Nebraskans and their families. We couldn’t have done this without you – our friends and allies. We are proud to celebrate another year with a grassroots network of big-hearted and forward-thinking Nebraskans to create a brighter, more just future for our communities. You’ve made some… Read more →

Tea Time: Statewide Book Club + See you next year!

Tea Time with Khenda The quarterly newsletter where we share Updates & Opportunities for Inclusive Communities This year has been full of wonderful opportunities and challenges, and I could not be happier to have shared the journey with all of you Welcoming leaders of Nebraska. You’re invited: Statewide book club! As you may have heard, we are ending the year… Read more →

Take Action Now: Support Immigrant Nebraskans & Whole Communities!

We are in a critical moment for Build Back Better legislation, which includes a long-overdue opportunity to fix outdated immigration laws after 35 years of Congressional inaction, as well as other important investments in families and children. For this month’s Take Action Tuesday, please join us in letting your members of Congress know why this legislation is important to you.… Read more →

Contact the President

TAKE ACTION: Process for citizenship now

Building Back Better must include stability for Nebraska’s community members! Join us this week in taking action to make sure citizenship is included in the Build Back Better package! Congress will vote in the next couple of weeks, and we cannot Build Back Better without stability and a way for longtime community members to apply for residency and citizenship. Full… Read more →

Staff Spotlight: Welcome Kelsey Arends, HCAP Staff Attorney!

Help us welcome back Kelsey Arends (she/her/hers), the new staff attorney for the Health Care Access Program! While an undergraduate at Nebraska Wesleyan University, Kelsey interned with our Immigrants and Communities team back in 2012! She received her JD from the University of Nebraska College of Law in 2019. Before joining Appleseed, Kelsey was an attorney with Legal Aid of… Read more →

RELEASE: Community, Worker, and Farmer Groups Welcome Meatpacking Legislation

***For Immediate Release*** Monday, November 22, 2021 Contact: Magdalena Cazarez Communications Director, Nebraska Appleseed O: (402) 438-8853 ext 119 C: (402) 504-0074 Community, Worker, and Farmer Groups Welcome Meatpacking Legislation Bill Introduced as Nebraskans Prepare for Holidays with Family and Food NEBRASKA – Today, as Nebraskans prepare for holidays with family and food, the Protecting America’s Meatpacking Workers Act… Read more →

Hopeless: Civil War in Ethiopia & Impact on Neighbors

In meeting new neighbors and working toward creating inclusive communities, we cannot fully understand what another person is dealing with, and we are also often unaware of stories that don’t get big news headlines or scroll across our screens. Political unrest, violence, and war affect our neighbors in ways that most of us have never experienced. Our neighbors are not… Read more →

Meet Appleseed’s Fall 2021 Interns and Clerks

Each semester, Appleseed is fortunate to work with bright, talented, and dedicated interns and law clerks who are passionate about fighting for justice and opportunity for all Nebraskans. We’re excited to have interns and clerks join our team virtually! Meet the outstanding Nebraskans who dedicate their time to positive change in our communities.   We’re also excited for our returning… Read more →

Honor Native American Heritage Month

November is Native American Heritage Month and it’s a time to celebrate the cultures, accomplishments, and contributions of Native Americans and Alaska Natives. Telling stories and sharing culture through dance, family traditions, art, and music, we can learn contemporary diversity and the long history of Indigenous peoples across the land we now call the United States.  On our continuous journey… Read more →

Build Back Better

Take action now on the Build Back Better legislation!

Congress has the opportunity to pass meaningful and long-awaited reforms that would make a real difference in the lives of Nebraskans. The new House Build Back Better legislation is a historic step forward that can bring real change by reducing poverty and lessening racial disparities. We need your advocacy to let our members of Congress know we support this legislation.… Read more →

Join us weekly for a conversation on racial equity

As we strive to build more welcoming communities where everyone feels they belong, we recognize that segregation and inequity are barriers to belonging. That is why it is important to educate ourselves about the causes (history) and effects (outcomes) of racism in our communities, and learn how to talk about them with those around us — so that we can… Read more →

Protect the hands who feed you

USDA Anticipates Committing $500 Million to Improve Meatpacking Infrastructure

This summer, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced that it anticipates investing $500 million to improve infrastructure in the meat and poultry industries. In response, Nebraska Appleseed submitted public comments urging the USDA to use these funds to reduce meat processing line speeds and implement ergonomic reforms. Currently, meatpacking facilities operate line speeds known to cause serious injuries,… Read more →

Staff Spotlight: Welcome Nick Grandgenett, ICP Staff Attorney!

Nicholas, “Nick” Grandgenett (he/him/his) is the new Staff Attorney with the Immigrants & Communities (ICP) program! Although new to his current position, Nick previously worked as a law clerk for Appleseed’s Child Welfare and ICP teams. His most memorable experience as a law clerk was helping to prepare a workers’ safety bill in the summer of 2020. While living in… Read more →

2021 Good Apple Awards: Senator John McCollister, Jim Wolf Equal Justice Award

Join us throughout the month of October as we celebrate the honorees of its 2021 Good Apple Awards, Appleseed’s annual fundraiser celebrating community advocates who are building a more just, vibrant, and inclusive Nebraska. The 2021 awardees represent what’s possible when Nebraskans step forward to tackle our toughest problems in the spirit of building community, working collaboratively, and persistently pursuing… Read more →

REGISTER NOW: Fostering Belonging Individually and Structurally series

Welcoming communities and places are made possible by people like you! Whether you’re a student, librarian, government worker, or business owner, each of us is empowered to foster more welcoming places at work, in our neighborhoods, and places of gathering where everyone feels like they belong.  We hope you can join us for The Fostering Belonging Individually and Structurally series… Read more →

Staff Spotlight: Welcome Rómulo “R.J.” Vega, ICP Community Organizer!

Rómulo “R.J.” Vega (he/him/él) was born and raised in Kearney, Nebraska, before eventually enrolling at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) in 2003. It was at UNL where R.J. discovered his passion for serving and connecting with others, beginning with the Mexican-American Student Association (MASA), the Phi Alpha Chapter of Sigma Lambda Beta International Fraternity, and by working as a student… Read more →

Staff Spotlight: Welcome Ruby Méndez López, ICP Community Organizer!

Ruby Méndez López (she/her/hers) joined our Immigrants and Communities Program as a Community Organizer this summer! Ruby has collaborated with Nebraska Appleseed on numerous projects, including being a statewide leader for our Power of Participation Series and most recently as an artist advocate for the Meatpacking Workers coalition. Ruby brings a wealth of experience from her previous roles as a… Read more →

Welcoming Week

Welcoming Week and beyond!

Neighbors all across Nebraska came together this Welcoming Week – virtually as well as physically – to celebrate, learn together, and take strides in creating communities where everybody can belong. Nebraskans hosted close to 30 events across more than eight communities, joining the growing movement to create more welcoming communities through intentional actions, practices, and policies. Immigrants, refugees, long-time residents,… Read more →

Delicious ways to celebrate Welcoming Week!

Happy Welcoming Week! It is often said that food is a great connector! The presence of food sets the table for conversation and curiosity — two essential ingredients for building community among people who have different backgrounds and identities. Under the right conditions, food can be a positive entry point for activities and initiatives that unite a community and decrease… Read more →

Protect Voter Rights: Decline to Sign Voter Restriction Petition

Local communities must have a say in the decisions being made that affect them. Our vote is our voice and we want all eligible Nebraska voters to participate in the electoral process and vote. This is why we strongly oppose the unnecessary voter restriction amendment introduced last month.  A Voter Restriction Amendment has been introduced in Nebraska, placing significant hurdles… Read more →

Take Action for Fair Maps! Redistricting has begun!

Fair, nonpartisan, voting district maps are essential to our democracy. Public participation and transparency are an important part of holding elected officials accountable and ensuring our maps facilitate equal representation, by accounting for changes in census data. This is important: The final Congressional and Nebraska Legislature maps will affect how we are represented for the next 10 years! The next… Read more →

Welcoming Week

Welcoming Week is just around the corner! Let us help you plan!

Now is the time to start planning your Welcoming Week event, and we can help! Welcoming Week is September 10th-19th and we’re ready to help you plan how you want to celebrate your community as a welcoming place! Each year, Welcoming Week is a chance for neighbors from all backgrounds to come together, get to know one another, and celebrate… Read more →

Take Action: DACA Ruling is a stark reminder for Congress to create change

Last Friday, Judge Andrew Hanen of Texas ordered the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program to be partially ended. While the ruling is subject to appeal, it is a stark reminder that Congress must act now. Only permanent protections will end the fear and uncertainty DACAmented friends, family, and whole communities have been living with for years. Nebraska DREAMers… Read more →