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REGISTER NOW: Fostering Belonging Individually and Structurally series

Welcoming communities and places are made possible by people like you! Whether you’re a student, librarian, government worker, or business owner, each of us is empowered to foster more welcoming places at work, in our neighborhoods, and places of gathering where everyone feels like they belong.  We hope you can join us for The Fostering Belonging Individually and Structurally series… Read more →

Welcome Rómulo “R.J.” Vega, ICP Community Organizer!

Rómulo “R.J.” Vega (he/him/él) was born and raised in Kearney, Nebraska, before eventually enrolling at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) in 2003. It was at UNL where R.J. discovered his passion for serving and connecting with others, beginning with the Mexican-American Student Association (MASA), the Phi Alpha Chapter of Sigma Lambda Beta International Fraternity, and by working as a student… Read more →

Staff Spotlight: Welcome Ruby Méndez López, ICP Community Organizer!

Ruby Méndez López (she/her/hers) joined our Immigrants and Communities Program as a Community Organizer this summer! Ruby has collaborated with Nebraska Appleseed on numerous projects, including being a statewide leader for our Power of Participation Series and most recently as an artist advocate for the Meatpacking Workers coalition. Ruby brings a wealth of experience from her previous roles as a… Read more →

Welcoming Week

Welcoming Week and beyond!

Neighbors all across Nebraska came together this Welcoming Week – virtually as well as physically – to celebrate, learn together, and take strides in creating communities where everybody can belong. Nebraskans hosted close to 30 events across more than eight communities, joining the growing movement to create more welcoming communities through intentional actions, practices, and policies. Immigrants, refugees, long-time residents,… Read more →

Delicious ways to celebrate Welcoming Week!

Happy Welcoming Week! It is often said that food is a great connector! The presence of food sets the table for conversation and curiosity — two essential ingredients for building community among people who have different backgrounds and identities. Under the right conditions, food can be a positive entry point for activities and initiatives that unite a community and decrease… Read more →

Protect Voter Rights: Decline to Sign Voter Restriction Petition

Local communities must have a say in the decisions being made that affect them. Our vote is our voice and we want all eligible Nebraska voters to participate in the electoral process and vote. This is why we strongly oppose the unnecessary voter restriction amendment introduced last month.  A Voter Restriction Amendment has been introduced in Nebraska, placing significant hurdles… Read more →

Take Action for Fair Maps! Redistricting has begun!

Fair, nonpartisan, voting district maps are essential to our democracy. Public participation and transparency are an important part of holding elected officials accountable and ensuring our maps facilitate equal representation, by accounting for changes in census data. This is important: The final Congressional and Nebraska Legislature maps will affect how we are represented for the next 10 years! The next… Read more →

Welcoming Week

Welcoming Week is just around the corner! Let us help you plan!

Now is the time to start planning your Welcoming Week event, and we can help! Welcoming Week is September 10th-19th and we’re ready to help you plan how you want to celebrate your community as a welcoming place! Each year, Welcoming Week is a chance for neighbors from all backgrounds to come together, get to know one another, and celebrate… Read more →

Take Action: DACA Ruling is a stark reminder for Congress to create change

Last Friday, Judge Andrew Hanen of Texas ordered the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program to be partially ended. While the ruling is subject to appeal, it is a stark reminder that Congress must act now. Only permanent protections will end the fear and uncertainty DACAmented friends, family, and whole communities have been living with for years. Nebraska DREAMers… Read more →

…With Liberty and Justice for All

…With Liberty and Justice for All This is a guest blog post by Zeke Rouse, Appleseed’s Immigrants and Communities Welcoming Intern. Across America, thousands of communities celebrate today in big and small ways, with local and larger events, holiday fare, parades, music, and readings of the Declaration of Independence. Some of us may not get past the hot dogs and… Read more →

Meet Appleseed’s Summer 2021 Interns, Fellows, and Clerks

Each semester, Appleseed is fortunate to work with bright, talented, and dedicated interns and law clerks who are passionate about fighting for justice and opportunity for all Nebraskans. We’re excited to have interns and clerks join our team from across the nation virtually! Meet the outstanding Nebraskans who dedicate their time to positive change in our communities. We’re also excited… Read more →

Encuentra comidas gratis para niños por un línea de texto

Familias con niños de 1 al 18 anos pueden encontrar comida gratis por una línea de texto  Escuelas están cerrados por el momento pero distribuciones de comida gratis continúan en Nebraska El Programa de Servicio de Alimentos de Verano continuará distribuyendo comidas GRATUITAS para niños de 1 a 18 años durante los meses en que no haya clases este año.… Read more →

Find free summer meals through text service!

Kids and families can find free summer meals through text service once again Schools are closed but meal service continues across Nebraska The Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) will continue to provide FREE meals for children ages 1 to 18 during the months when school is out this year. Nebraska school districts, nonprofit organizations, libraries, tribal organizations, and others will… Read more →

Celebrating Immigrants! June Is Immigrant Heritage Month

Celebrating Immigrants! June Is Immigrant Heritage Month This is a guest blog post by Zeke Rouse, Appleseed’s Immigrants and Communities Welcoming Intern. June is an opportunity to share stories and recognize the impact that different immigrant Nebraskans have in shaping our communities. Storytelling gives us an opportunity to celebrate the diversity of experiences, perspectives, and people that call Nebraska home. … Read more →

We Are Home Banner

Congress is home on recess! Take action for positive immigration laws!

Congress is home on recess this week, and it’s a great time to tell our Nebraska delegation this is the year for full inclusion of family and longtime community members! Congress has not meaningfully updated our immigration laws in more than 35 years, causing unnecessary harm to local families and communities. Over the summer, we have important opportunities to pass… Read more →

2021 Legislative Session Wrap-up

2021 Legislative outcomes for Nebraska families, communities, and racial justices The Legislature wrapped up this year’s discussion and decisions on proposed bills in late May. Despite the obstacles brought by the pandemic, community members like you worked hard to make your voice heard to ensure we are building a vibrant, diverse, and inclusive Nebraska. Read below to find out what… Read more →

Protect the hands who feed you

TAKE ACTION: Meatpacking worker safety bill stopped for this session

We are extremely disheartened and sorry to share that this week in the Legislature, the Meatpacking Employees COVID-19 Protection Act LB241, introduced and prioritized by Senator Tony Vargas, was stopped from advancing. For practical purposes, this important bill is dead for this session. Please make one more call or email to your senator on this issue. Thank the senators who… Read more →

Voice your support for food security

Last week, Speaker Hilgers announced the legislature will adjourn on Thursday, May 27th. The vast majority of the legislature’s work should be complete by the end of this week and May 27th will be reserved for votes to override any gubernatorial vetoes of legislation. Final vote on SNAP bill tomorrow Tomorrow, the Legislature will take its final vote on LB108,… Read more →

May News & Events: Your Help on a BIG goal

Features from this month’s Nebraska Appleseed newsletter: Give to Lincoln Day: Join supporters in unlocking a $10,000 bonus! Exciting Appleseed priority bills advance at Nebraska Legislature Nebraskans tell Congress ‘It’s Time for Full Inclusion’ (Photos) We’re Hiring: Join our team as Staff Attorney or Program Coordinator COVID-19 Resources (Including information on vaccines)  Donate now for Give to Lincoln Day and… Read more →

Registration Is Open: Creating Communities of Belonging

Please note: We are currently in the 3rd session of the Creating Communities of Belonging series. Join us by registering at the link below! Join community leaders from across Nebraska who are building inclusive and vibrant communities This virtual series will provide collaborative sessions, presentations, and networking with Nebraskans who are committed to creating communities where everyone, including immigrant neighbors,… Read more →

TAKE ACTION: Unemployment gap bill on agenda tonight

The Nebraska Legislature is scheduled to debate LB298, introduced and prioritized by Senator Mike McDonnell, as soon as tonight. This bill would ensure work-authorized immigrant Nebraskans can access the unemployment benefits they have earned. Make a short call or email to your senator today and urge them to vote for this important bill. Nebraska is the only state in the… Read more →

Essential worker safety and support legislation hits the floor

There are only 14 days left for this session, so we are nearing the end of floor debate for legislative priority bills. The Speaker announced last week that the session would end early, but the precise date is still unknown and depends on how swiftly the body moves through the remaining agenda. Meatpacking worker protections advance to select file Last… Read more →

TAKE ACTION: Basic Paid Sick Leave on Agenda Tonight

The Nebraska Legislature is scheduled to debate LB258 as soon as tonight, which would ensure Nebraskans have access to basic, earned paid sick leave – promoting healthier and stronger families, especially working parents with young children. Make a short call or email to your senator today, urging them to support this important bill. Access to basic paid sick leave consistently… Read more →

Protect the hands who feed you

TAKE ACTION: Meatpacking COVID bill scheduled Thursday

The Meatpacking Employees COVID-19 Protection Act (LB 241) is scheduled for floor debate this Thursday! This is a critical moment for senators to hear community support for the bill. Take a minute to email your senator to support LB 241 and common-sense packing plant protections to keep workers and communities safe. A short email makes a big difference! Nebraskans who work… Read more →

25 Days of Action

Thank you for your support during 25 Days of Action!

Earlier this month, we kicked off a 25 Days of Action campaign to celebrate our 25th anniversary, with a daily action item for our supporters and partners to participate in. We are grateful for how many of you joined us and invited friends in taking action to get involved at the local, state, and federal levels on economic justice, children’s… Read more →