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How SNAP can help Nebraskans during the pandemic

Each week we are getting new updates about resources available to Nebraskans during the pandemic. We have been keeping tabs on a number of topics and will continue sharing information with you as we learn more about what is out there to help Nebraskans and their families across our state. How SNAP can help you during the pandemic The Supplemental… Read more →

COVID-19 has exposed longstanding systemic inequities in American health care

COVID-19 has exposed longstanding systemic inequities in American health care There isn’t one part of American life right now that hasn’t been impacted in some way by COVID-19. However, the data available as the pandemic continues shows that communities of color are disproportionately harmed by the pandemic. Recent data from the Center for Disease Control shows that, despite making up… Read more →

Ensure no one is left behind during Omaha Gives and Give to Lincoln Day

This May, you have two great opportunities to support Appleseed and ensure no one in our communities is left behind amid COVID-19. First, we’re celebrating Omaha Gives on Wednesday, May 20. When you give, a generous supporter will match the first $5,000 donated, dollar-for-dollar. Schedule your gift here now through May 20 and DOUBLE your donation! A week later, we’re… Read more →


COMUNICADO DE PRENSA: Protecciones necesarias para trabajadores de Nebraska

***Para su publicación inmediata*** miércoles, el 6 de mayo de 2020 Magdalena Cazarez Directora de Comunicaciones, Nebraska Appleseed O: (402) 438-8853 ext 119 C: (402) 504-0074 Falta de protecciones de COVID-19 pone a trabajadores, comunidades y producción alimentaria de Nebraska en riesgo Grupos comunitarios señalan la falta de protecciones y ofrecen asistencia  Lincoln, NE — El miércoles, el 6… Read more →

Why is Medicaid expansion important to you?

I’m Nora Brown, a community organizer at Nebraska Appleseed. Although the coronavirus pandemic brings uncertainty for us all, now more than ever we need to come together to fight for justice for all Nebraskans. After years of waiting, Nebraskans in the coverage gap will finally be able to enroll in expanded Medicaid coverage later this year. Still, even though Nebraskans… Read more →

Take Action: Phone Calls and Drive-in Vigils for Nebraska Meat & Poultry Workers

Nebraska communities need critical missing COVID-19 protections for meat and poultry workers without delay. Our families’ health, community health, and continued food production are at risk, as highlighted by growing numbers of COVID-19 outbreaks and meat and poultry plant closures across our state and the country. Friends and family working in the plants are still standing elbow-to-elbow on fast-paced production… Read more →


RELEASE: COVID-19 Protections needed for Nebraska meat and poultry workers

***For Immediate Release*** Wednesday, April 29, 2020 Contact: Magdalena Cazarez Communications Director, Nebraska Appleseed O: (402) 438-8853 ext 119 C: (402) 504-0074  Lack of COVID protections threatens Nebraska workers, communities, food production Community groups highlight missing protections, offer assistance Lincoln, NE — On Wednesday, April 29, Nebraska community advocates, food production workers, and public health organizations held a virtual… Read more →


Weekly Update: We must include all Americans in the pandemic response

Meatpacking outbreaks highlight immediate need to protect workers As meatpacking plants in Nebraska become the epicenter of the state’s coronavirus outbreak, the struggles faced by the workers inside are becoming increasingly apparent and alarming. Many face a difficult choice: go to work and risk exposing yourself and your family, or stay at home with no pay. This crisis has deepened… Read more →

Take Action: The 4th Coronavirus Relief Package must include All Americans

As the country continues to navigate the public health and economic crisis, it is critical for Congress to respond to the vital needs of our communities by passing an inclusive, fourth coronavirus relief package. This legislation must ensure that testing, medical care, financial relief, food assistance, and foster care funding covers all Americans, regardless of immigration status. As federal policymakers… Read more →

Health Insurance in the Pandemic: Get Covered. Stay Covered.

Now, more than ever, everyone in our state needs affordable, quality health insurance. During this difficult time, it is vital that all Nebraskans know some of the coverage options available. Getting and Staying Covered If eligible, you may be able to enroll in Marketplace or Medicaid insurance. Marketplace Insurance: If you lose your coverage, your household income changes, or you… Read more →

RELEASE: Delay of complex waiver provisions bolsters case to start Medicaid expansion now

***For Immediate Release*** Friday, April 10, 2020 Contact: Molly McCleery Health Care Access Program Director, Nebraska Appleseed C: (641) 891-7201  Delay of complex waiver provisions bolsters case to start Medicaid expansion now LINCOLN—Today, the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services announced changes to how they are moving forward with Medicaid Expansion implementation. In response, Molly McCleery, Health Care… Read more →

TAKE ACTION: Submit a comment on Medicaid Expansion

Nebraskans need quality, affordable health care without barriers and limitations. We want to share another opportunity for you to voice your concerns with the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services’ (DHHS) proposed Medicaid expansion waiver program, also known as the Heritage Health Adult Program. This Thursday, DHHS will be holding a public hearing on their proposed regulations on Medicaid… Read more →

¡Todos Contamos! Juntos podemos asegurarnos de contar a nuestras comunidades

¡Todos Contamos! Juntos podemos asegurarnos de contar a nuestras comunidades Bienvenido de nuevo a “Todos Contamos”, una serie corta centrada en la construcción del poder comunitario y el compromiso cívico en Nebraska. La Oficina del Censo ha comenzado a enviar cartas con información sobre cómo completar el censo en línea. ¿Ha completado el suyo? Sabemos que estos son tiempos inciertos… Read more →

We Count! Together, let’s make sure our communities are counted

We Count! Nebraska is #1 in the nation for census self-response Welcome back to “We Count,” a short series focused on building community power and civic engagement in Nebraska. The Census Bureau has begun sending out letters with information on how to fill out the census online — have you completed yours?  We know that these are uncertain and challenging… Read more →

Celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Affordable Care Act

Today marks the 10th anniversary of the Affordable Care Act (ACA)! The ACA has dramatically altered the health care landscape across the United States, including here in Nebraska, and has been a driving force in Appleseed’s work since before its passage. Fighting for Nebraskans’ access to quality, affordable health coverage has long been a core piece of Appleseed’s mission.  Alongside… Read more →

Take Action: Put the safety and well-being of our communities first.

The safety and well-being of our communities is top priority. We need compassionate policies that support Nebraska families and children. As the number of Coronavirus (COVID-19) cases are identified across our state and the nation, Nebraska Appleseed emphasizes the need for compassionate and comprehensive policies that prioritize the safety and well-being of our communities across our state. We are only… Read more →

STATEMENT: Start Medicaid expansion to combat the spread of Coronavirus

***For Immediate Release*** Friday, March 13, 2020 Contact: Magdalena Cazarez Communications Director, Nebraska Appleseed O: (402) 438-8853 ext 119 C: (402) 504-0074  Start Medicaid expansion to combat the spread of Coronavirus Lincoln, NE –Today, Nebraska Governor Ricketts, as part of his address on the Coronavirus situation unfolding across the state, dismissed press questions about Nebraska’s current lack of Medicaid… Read more →

¡Todos Contamos! El Poder de Participación

¡Todos Contamos! El Poder de Participación ¡Bienvenidos a “Nosotros Contamos,” una serie enfocada en desarrollar poder comunitario y participación cívica en Nebraska! El censo de 2020 se acerca y necesitamos su ayuda para asegurar que recibimos los fondos, la representación y la información que reflejan las comunidades creciendo en Nebraska.  El censo es importante porque… ¡Hay poder en participar! Por… Read more →

Nebraska Appleseed’s priorities for the 2020 legislative session

Fighting for justice and opportunity for all at the Nebraska Legislature We are now more than half-way through the 2020 Nebraska legislative session. Senators have chosen their priority bills and several of Nebraska Appleseed’s priorities made the list! You can find the complete list of priority bills here.  The following list of bills is a snapshot of key legislation we’ve… Read more →

Take Action: Know your Rights on the public charge wealth test

Understanding the new public charge wealth test and defending families and communities. The administration has been building an ‘Invisible Wall’ to create real barriers for families, including a wealth test (known as the public charge rule) that makes it harder for people with low or moderate incomes to navigate the immigration system. This wealth test decides whether a person can… Read more →

Take Action: Support LB815 to prohibit Medicaid expansion waivers

We are a state that values the health and well-being of our family members, friends, and neighbors. This is why nearly two years ago, Nebraskans voted to implement Medicaid expansion. However, the state is pursuing a complicated Section 1115 waiver program that includes numerous barriers, including tiered benefits, work requirements, and a waiver of retroactive eligibility.  LB815, introduced by Senator… Read more →

Medicaid Block Grants: Putting the health of Nebraskans at risk.

Medicaid saves lives. Block Grants takeaway care.   Last week, the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) released guidance, which CMS refers to as the “Healthy Adult Opportunity,” that encourages states to apply for Medicaid block grants. Block grants will result in cuts to Medicaid, a program that is a lifeline to millions of Americans, including 1 in… Read more →

2020 Legislative Update: It’s time for hearings, hearings, and more hearings!

The Nebraska Legislature introduced over 470 bills this session, including several constitutional amendments. We’re starting this week with a number of hearings and, alongside you, we are ready to advocate for better benefits for Nebraska workers, for the rights of young people in the foster care and juvenile justice systems, and to end housing discrimination. Hearings this week Reducing injuries… Read more →

STATEMENT: Response to the Governor’s State of the State Address

***For Immediate Release*** Wednesday, January 15, 2020 Contact: Magdalena Cazarez Communications Director, Nebraska Appleseed O: (402) 438-8853 ext 119 C: (402) 504-0074   Response to the Governor’s State of the State Address Opportunities abound to support workers, strengthen the child welfare system, address the crisis in our prison system, and implement Medicaid Expansion   Lincoln — Nebraska Appleseed Executive… Read more →