Author: Schuyler Geery-Zink

Don't Wait, Activate!

TAKE ACTION: Together We Stand with Meatpacking Workers

The Meatpacking Employees COVID-19 Protection Act (LB 241) passed out of committee and is on the way to floor debate. This is a big step in the legislative process thanks to the actions of workers, families, and communities across the state! But family members and neighbors who work in meatpacking still need your action. Nebraskans working in meat and poultry… Read more →

Take Action for Basic Paid Sick Leave

The Nebraska Legislature’s Business and Labor Committee recently held a hearing on LB258, which would ensure Nebraskans have access to basic, earned paid sick leave – promoting healthier and stronger families, especially working parents with young children. Contact the committee members to ensure this important bill moves forward. Access to basic paid sick leave consistently emerges as a priority for… Read more →


Take Action on Meatpacking: Call your senator before the new session

For many, the holiday season is a time filled with joy and shared with loved ones. It is a time when families come together and share gratitude and food. While gathering may look different this year, we should all be able to come home safely to our loved ones. But Nebraskans who process our food in meat and poultry plants… Read more →

Families Belong Together

Raise your voice against family separation and abuses in detention

When families flee persecution and violence, children should remain with their parents. Women, children, and families should have secure access to medical care, food, water, and sanitary equipment. Treating people with respect and dignity should be a given. Instead, we continue to witness a horrific and continued pattern of family separation and abuse in immigration detention facilities across the country.… Read more →

All Nebraska Families Need COVID-19 Relief

We are all feeling the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, including our immigrant neighbors We need relief during a pandemic. While previous federal COVID-relief efforts have brought support and protection to some, millions of immigrant families have been excluded and continue to struggle during the pandemic across the country. Mixed-status families were excluded from federal COVID-19 relief, even if one… Read more →

Don't Wait, Activate!

TAKE ACTION: Together We Stand with Meatpacking Workers

Last week, 25 organizations across the state called on the Nebraska Legislature to take immediate action to protect our family members, friends, and neighbors working in meat and poultry plants from COVID-19. Now, you can take action, too. Meatpacking workers in Nebraska are among the hardest hit by the pandemic, and packing plants have been one of the state’s most… Read more →

Take Action: Phone Calls and Drive-in Vigils for Nebraska Meat & Poultry Workers

Nebraska communities need critical missing COVID-19 protections for meat and poultry workers without delay. Our families’ health, community health, and continued food production are at risk, as highlighted by growing numbers of COVID-19 outbreaks and meat and poultry plant closures across our state and the country. Friends and family working in the plants are still standing elbow-to-elbow on fast-paced production… Read more →

Take Action: COVID-19 protections for immigrant families

All people need access to critical supports and services during a crisis. The CARES Act was an important step to help communities in need during the pandemic, yet many immigrant families were excluded from this relief package. Congress returns from recess on May 4th, but members are working now on the next coronavirus bill package. We are all in this… Read more →

Take Action: Know your Rights on the public charge wealth test

Understanding the new public charge wealth test and defending families and communities. The administration has been building an ‘Invisible Wall’ to create real barriers for families, including a wealth test (known as the public charge rule) that makes it harder for people with low or moderate incomes to navigate the immigration system. This wealth test decides whether a person can… Read more →

All people deserve a fair chance to have their story heard

Immigrants targeted through Expedited Removal expansion “Show me your papers” policy leads to racial profiling, U.S. citizens being detained, and immigrants hastily being deported without due process   Our diverse and inclusive community is a tapestry woven of mixed status families, naturalized citizens and citizens born on U.S. soil or to a U.S. parent, foreign exchange students, refugees, TPS residents,… Read more →

Families Belong Together

Seeking asylum is a human right — it should be honored under immigration law

Children and families should have the chance to seek safety and rebuild their lives All people have the right to escape violent situations under international asylum law. Children and families flee their homes due to violence and persecution to seek safe haven in another country. The legal process for claiming asylum is to apply at the border or other ports… Read more →

Children fleeing violence face death and abuse in government custody

Can you imagine your child being caged without access to critical care and treatment? This is what children and their families are facing while seeking safety.   The U.S. government should protect children from harm, with special care given to children without guardians because they are particularly vulnerable. As children and their families are fleeing violence and instability, U.S. policies… Read more →

Take Action Against Indefinite Child Detention

Families seeking safety and asylum at our southern border are currently being separated. While that is horrible enough, the White House is seeking to implement an even-worse plan. The Trump Administration is currently attempting to replace a family-separation policy rejected nationwide with indefinite child and family detention, which would subject children to further trauma and abuse. Take Action! You can… Read more →

Refugees Welcome in Nebraska

We have seen national outcry since the Trump Administration announced earlier this month that it would cut refugee admissions next year from an already-low 45,000 to 30,000. It is the lowest ceiling on refugee admissions in the nearly 40 years since the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program began. Previous administrations viewed the ceiling as a goal and often approached the ceiling… Read more →