Author: Megan Hamann

SNAP updates

SNAP Benefits Went Up!

SNAP benefits are increasing! As of this month, new updates to the United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Thrifty Food Plan will increase SNAP benefits. The following table shows the increased projected average benefits for households: What is the Thrifty Food Plan (TFP)? The Thrifty Food Plan (TFP) is the set of guidelines used to determine the amount of SNAP… Read more →

Make your SNAP go further with Double Up Food Bucks (available in Lincoln and Omaha)!

Your Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits go further with the Double Up Food Bucks (DUFB) Program! This program lets folks on SNAP get twice the fresh produce for your money. This means when you spend up to $20 of SNAP on fresh fruits and vegetables, you can get up to $40 worth of food! How does it work? Visit… Read more →

Encuentra comidas gratis para niños por un línea de texto

Familias con niños de 1 al 18 anos pueden encontrar comida gratis por una línea de texto  Escuelas están cerrados por el momento pero distribuciones de comida gratis continúan en Nebraska El Programa de Servicio de Alimentos de Verano continuará distribuyendo comidas GRATUITAS para niños de 1 a 18 años durante los meses en que no haya clases este año.… Read more →

WE DID IT: the SNAP cliff effect bill becomes law

With strong community support, the Nebraska Legislature voted to override the veto on the SNAP cliff effect bill (LB108) yesterday afternoon. Introduced and prioritized by Senator John McCollister, this bill will now allow thousands of Nebraskans to be able to take a pay raise without fear of losing all of their food benefits! View how your state senator voted on… Read more →

TONIGHT at 6:30pm – TAKE ACTION Open House on the SNAP Cliff Effect Bill (LB108)

Despite strong support from the Nebraska Legislature, Governor Ricketts vetoed the SNAP Cliff Effect Bill (LB108). LB108 fixes the SNAP cliff effect by helping families avoid the tough choice between taking a pay raise or feeding their families. This bill passed with 33 yes votes from Nebraska senators whose substantial support underlines the critical importance of improving food access in… Read more →

Support LB108

Take Action: Tell your senator to support the SNAP Cliff Effect bill and reduce hunger in Nebraska

With 29 yes votes and strong community support, the SNAP cliff effect bill (LB108) will be up for its second round of debate very soon! We need your help to get this bill over the finish line. LB108 addresses the SNAP cliff effect, where a small raise at work triggers a much larger loss of the SNAP benefits families rely… Read more →

Exciting legislation that would expand food access to more Nebraskans

This session, the Nebraska Legislature is considering a number of bills to improve food security for our neighbors across Nebraska. Join us in advocating for these Nebraska Appleseed priority bills below! SNAP “Cliff Effect” Bill (LB108, Senator John McCollister) Nebraska should be rewarding work, not discouraging it. Right now, Nebraska’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) is structured in a way… Read more →

“Our Heroes Wear Aprons”: Cheering On Nebraska School Nutrition Professionals during National School Lunch Week

FUNDING ALERT: No Kid Hungry and Nebraska Appleseed are offering grants of up to $50,000 to Nebraska school nutrition programs making adaptations because of COVID-19 now through December 2020. View the RFP and apply today! Across Nebraska, children are benefiting from school nutrition professionals’ hard work to expand food access for students. During this National School Lunch week (October 12-16),… Read more →

You’re invited: SNAP Emergency Allotment Press Conference

My name is Megan and I am the new Economic Justice Community Organizer at Nebraska Appleseed. I am honored to join this dedicated group of individuals who advocate for food access in our state. I am writing today to invite you to watch our upcoming SNAP Emergency Allotment Press Conference happening tomorrow morning. In this conference, you will have the… Read more →