Author: Katie Pitts

Legislative Update – January 9

On January 4, the 2017 Nebraska Legislature began its 90-day session. Over the next few months, State Senators will consider many bills that will affect justice and opportunity for all Nebraskans including quality health insurance, economic opportunity, food security, voting rights, and the state’s nearly $1 billion budget shortfall. Each week, we will let you know about movement on our… Read more →

Recap of 2016 Nebraska Legislative Session

The 2016 Nebraska Legislative session ended with a flourish last week with two of Appleseed’s priority bills passing into law! It was a great end to the session. However, while there were some important policies advanced at the State Capitol, this session largely will be remembered as a session of missed opportunities to remove barriers for hard-working Nebraska families. Let’s… Read more →

Legislative Update – February 29, 2016

It was an exciting week at the State Capitol as one of our biggest priority bills faced a first-round vote last week. Plus, Nebraskans got their chance to tell their State Senators why they support health coverage for hard-working people. This is the final week of committee hearings before the Legislature moves to all-day floor debate next week. Advocates urge… Read more →

Legislative Update – February 1, 2016

Things are starting to pick up at the State Capitol with several bills that Appleseed is following having hearings this week.   Take Action to fight unfair banking practices All Nebraska families should have access to credit, but Nebraska law currently lets payday lenders charge some of the highest interest rates in the nation. LB 1036 (Sen. Kathy Campbell) would… Read more →

Legislative Update – New bill a healthy solution for uninsured Nebraskans

Press conference draws supporters of new Transitional Health Insurance Program Tuesday, a new effort to create a path to affordable health insurance for hard-working uninsured Nebraskans was officially unveiled when State Sen. John McCollister introduced LB 1032, the “Transitional Health Insurance Program Act.” This bill would allow nearly 77,000 Nebraskans who currently cannot afford insurance to get vital health coverage.… Read more →

Legislative Update – The 2016 session has begun!

On Wednesday, January 6, the 2016 Nebraska Legislature began their 60-day session. Over the next few months, State Senators will consider many bills that will affect justice and opportunity for all Nebraskans including health coverage for the uninsured, improving the child welfare system, and increasing economic opportunity for hard-working families. Each week, we will let you know about movement on… Read more →

2015 Nebraska Legislature Wrap-Up

The Nebraska Legislature closed their 2015 session last week, and what a remarkable session it was. Many of Appleseed’s priority bills became law, yet important work remains to address several issues next year. Here’s a look back at the 2015 session.   DREAMers driver’s license bill passes on veto override vote LB 623 – This bill, which makes Nebraska the… Read more →

Legislative Update – May 27

We’re in the final full week of the 2015 Nebraska Legislature’s session, and we have good news from a busy week at the Capitol last week. Senators pass DREAMers driver’s license bill On May 21, the Legislature overwhelmingly voted 34-9 to pass LB 623 on Final Reading and sent the bill to Governor Ricketts. Appleseed joined many other groups including faith,… Read more →

Legislative Update – May 18

Last week was one of the most noteworthy weeks in the 2015 Nebraska Legislative session with several of Appleseed’s priority bills coming before the body.   DREAMers driver’s license bill advances on General File On May 14, the Legislature overwhelmingly voted 37-8 to advance LB 623 from General File. The bill would make Nebraska the final state in the country… Read more →

Legislative Update – May 11, 2015

With only 13 days left in the 2015 Nebraska Legislative session, time is winding down. Here’s your weekly Legislative Update.   Compromise reached on bill to increase aid to working families It appears Nebraska’s poorest working families may get a measure of help via a compromise announced May 5 to slightly increase payments in the Aid to Dependent Children (ADC)… Read more →

Legislative Update – May 4, 2015

Last week was quite the week at the State Capitol. The Legislature gave first-round approval to the state budget and debated several of Appleseed’s priority bills.   Governor vetoes bill that fights poverty for hard-working families On Thursday, April 29, Governor Ricketts vetoed LB 89, a bill that fights poverty for Nebraska’s poorest families. LB 89, which passed Final Reading… Read more →

Legislative Update – April 27, 2015

Several of Appleseed’s priority bills to help hard-working families and protect Nebraska children received great votes in the Legislature last week! Here is our legislative roundup from last week and what lies ahead this week.   Working Families bill passes Final Reading LB 89 – This bill to raise the payment rate for the Aid to Dependent Children (ADC) benefit… Read more →

Legislative Update – April 20, 2015

Two bills to help working families advanced to Final Reading last week, highlighting a busy week in the Legislature. Here is your Legislative Update for the week of April 20. Working families bills pass Select File It was a good start to last week when two bills to help hard-working families moved to Final Reading on Monday, April 13. LB… Read more →

Legislative Update – April 13

Last week was a great example of the ups and downs of our work in the Nebraska Legislature.   Medicaid Redesign Act voted down On April 8, the Legislature heard debate on LB 472 – the Medicaid Redesign Act. This important bill would have closed the coverage gap that currently leaves more than 70,000 Nebraskans without access to health coverage.… Read more →

Legislative Update – 02/17/2015

Harmful voter suppression bill debated this week Today the Legislature began floor debate on harmful voter suppression bill LB 111. Appleseed was one of many groups to oppose this bill in a committee hearing because it will be an unnecessary barrier to vote for many groups of voters including seniors, people with low incomes, and students. The debate is expected… Read more →

Legislative Update

This is your weekly Nebraska Legislature update. Committee Hearings last week Appleseed testified on several bills during Legislature committee hearings last week. LB 12 – A bill to streamline the Medicaid process for eligible Nebraskans who enter and leave the criminal justice system. This bill will improve health care access while saving costs in the corrections system. Appleseed testified in… Read more →

Legislative Update – January 12, 2015

The 2015 Nebraska Legislative session convened on January 7th with the election of committee chairs and committee placements. Congratulations to Senator Galen Hadley of Kearney for being elected Speaker of the Legislature. Click here for a full list of committee placements Bill introduction began on January 8th. Here is a look at some bills Appleseed will be monitoring this session.… Read more →