Author: Katie Pitts

2020 Wrap Up: Legislature adjourns sine die

Last Thursday, the Legislature adjourned sine die. They will not officially return until the start of a new legislative session in January. The last few days were filled with farewells to term-limited senators and final votes on remaining bills on final reading. Appleseed saw a few of our priority bills pass last week, too, and those bills have since been… Read more →

The Legislature advances several Appleseed priority bills in the last week

This is the last week of the 2020 legislative session. After business concludes tomorrow, the Legislature will adjourn sine die for the remainder of the year. You can find today’s legislative agenda here and you can read more about our 2020 legislative priorities on our blog. Meatpacking workers and community members demand action Last week, AM3238, an amendment to LB667… Read more →

Raise your voice: Legislative hearing on essential workers this Thursday

After today, senators only have 5 days of the 2020 session to address the many issues impacting Nebraskans this year. You can find today’s legislative agenda here and you can read more about our 2020 legislative priorities on our blog. Raise your voice: Essential workers must have essential protections Last week, Senator Tony Vargas filed a motion to suspend the… Read more →

With only 10 days left, senators need to act

Today marks Day 50 of the 2020 legislative session. After today, senators only have 10 more days to address the many issues impacting Nebraskans this year. You can find today’s legislative agenda here and you can read more about our 2020 legislative priorities on our blog. Take Action: Essential protections for essential meat and poultry workers For the last several… Read more →

We (still) need essential protections for essential workers

Yesterday, the Nebraska Legislature returned to session with now less than 16 days remaining to address the many issues impacting Nebraskans this year. You can find today’s legislative agenda here. Take Action: Essential protections for essential meat and poultry workers For the last several months, we have experienced the drastic impacts COVID-19 has had on meatpacking workers – our family… Read more →

Raise your voice: Advocacy Training and Policymaker Listening Sessions

Advocacy Training: Racial Justice & COVID-19 in Nebraska The effects of the pandemic are widespread, but its health and economic impacts have fallen hardest on Nebraskans of color. The coronavirus has already claimed the lives of hundreds of Nebraskans, but Latinx, Asian, and Black Nebraskans are being hospitalized and dying at significantly higher rates. Join us tonight to prepare and… Read more →


How SNAP can help Nebraskans during the pandemic

Each week we are getting new updates about resources available to Nebraskans during the pandemic. We have been keeping tabs on a number of topics and will continue sharing information with you as we learn more about what is out there to help Nebraskans and their families across our state. How SNAP can help you during the pandemic The Supplemental… Read more →


Weekly Update: We must include all Americans in the pandemic response

Meatpacking outbreaks highlight immediate need to protect workers As meatpacking plants in Nebraska become the epicenter of the state’s coronavirus outbreak, the struggles faced by the workers inside are becoming increasingly apparent and alarming. Many face a difficult choice: go to work and risk exposing yourself and your family, or stay at home with no pay. This crisis has deepened… Read more →

Nebraska Appleseed’s priorities for the 2020 legislative session

Fighting for justice and opportunity for all at the Nebraska Legislature We are now more than half-way through the 2020 Nebraska legislative session. Senators have chosen their priority bills and several of Nebraska Appleseed’s priorities made the list! You can find the complete list of priority bills here.  The following list of bills is a snapshot of key legislation we’ve… Read more →

2020 Legislative Update: It’s time for hearings, hearings, and more hearings!

The Nebraska Legislature introduced over 470 bills this session, including several constitutional amendments. We’re starting this week with a number of hearings and, alongside you, we are ready to advocate for better benefits for Nebraska workers, for the rights of young people in the foster care and juvenile justice systems, and to end housing discrimination. Hearings this week Reducing injuries… Read more →

The 2020 Nebraska Legislative Session is underway!

The Nebraska Legislature kicked off the 2020 session last Wednesday! Since then, senators have introduced hundreds of bills, with several being top of mind for Nebraska Appleseed.   Strengthening Nebraska’s child welfare system Over the interim, youth with foster care and juvenile justice experience shared their input with Senator Megan Hunt to draft legislation to ensure youth in out-of-home placements… Read more →

2019 Legislative Session concludes with small victories for Nebraskans

Last Friday, the 2019 Nebraska Legislature adjourned sine die until January. Small victories for children and families and low-income community members were made during this legislative session. However, there is still more work to be done and Appleseed continues engaging with state policymakers on a variety of issues impacting Nebraskans throughout the interim. Below are some of the highlights from… Read more →

2019 legislative update: Bills to watch this session

We are nearly one-third of the way into the 2019 Nebraska Legislative Session. With bill hearings well under way, Appleseed staff, partners, and friends are maintaining a strong presence at the Capitol to advocate for a number of measures that would open doors to greater opportunity for Nebraskans. We’ll also be voicing our opposition to a few proposals that create… Read more →

2018 Nebraska Legislative Recap

In the 2018 Nebraska Legislative session, State Senators passed important bills, which we were proud to support, that increase safety and accountability in the child welfare system and take a small step forward on protecting Nebraska borrowers from predatory lending. Just as important, you helped us defeat an irresponsible tax plan that would have made our budget shortfall worse, and reject… Read more →

2017 Nebraska Legislative Recap

The 2017 Nebraska Legislative Session came to an end last Tuesday, concluding a session that contained several setbacks for efforts to improve opportunities for hard-working, low-income families and children. Still, a few important advancements were made to improve access to justice and opportunity for more Nebraskans. Your support and hard work, combined with some outstanding leaders in the Legislature, helped… Read more →

Legislative Update – April 24, 2017

It’s the week of budget debate. State Senators will begin debate on the Appropriations Committee’s recommended budget on Tuesday, and we’re urging the protection of important programs that help kids and hard-working families. No vote after debate on dangerous tax bill Friday morning, the Legislature spent three hours debating LB 461 but adjourned without taking a vote. This bill would… Read more →

Legislative Update – March 20, 2017

This is the final week for committee hearings, and it includes hearings on two important Legislative Resolutions that impact immigrant Nebraskans. See below on how to take action today!   Nebraskans support our immigrant and refugee neighbors Today, we’re asking you to take action in support of two Legislative Resolutions that will have hearings this week in front of the… Read more →

Legislative Update – January 23, 2017

Last week marked the final day of bill introduction in the 2017 Nebraska Legislative session. Several bills we consider top priorities were introduced, and we’ll be testifying at several committee hearings this week. Health coverage for hard-working Nebraskans Last week, Sen. Adam Morfeld introduced LB 441, a bill that would allow nearly 100,000 uninsured Nebraskans with low incomes to get… Read more →

Legislative Update – January 9

On January 4, the 2017 Nebraska Legislature began its 90-day session. Over the next few months, State Senators will consider many bills that will affect justice and opportunity for all Nebraskans including quality health insurance, economic opportunity, food security, voting rights, and the state’s nearly $1 billion budget shortfall. Each week, we will let you know about movement on our… Read more →

Recap of 2016 Nebraska Legislative Session

The 2016 Nebraska Legislative session ended with a flourish last week with two of Appleseed’s priority bills passing into law! It was a great end to the session. However, while there were some important policies advanced at the State Capitol, this session largely will be remembered as a session of missed opportunities to remove barriers for hard-working Nebraska families. Let’s… Read more →

Legislative Update – February 29, 2016

It was an exciting week at the State Capitol as one of our biggest priority bills faced a first-round vote last week. Plus, Nebraskans got their chance to tell their State Senators why they support health coverage for hard-working people. This is the final week of committee hearings before the Legislature moves to all-day floor debate next week. Advocates urge… Read more →