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Joseline Reyna

NE Dreamer Joins Thousands in D.C. for Positive Immigration Laws

Today, immigrant leaders and advocates across the country are marching to the U.S. Capitol in Washington D.C. to call for positive immigration laws and full inclusion of local community members and family members, including Nebraska Dreamer leader, Joseline Reyna of Grand Island! The action is a community-led effort, made up of participants from across the country, including local organizations like… Read more →

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Congress is home on recess! Take action for positive immigration laws!

Congress is home on recess this week, and it’s a great time to tell our Nebraska delegation this is the year for full inclusion of family and longtime community members! Congress has not meaningfully updated our immigration laws in more than 35 years, causing unnecessary harm to local families and communities. Over the summer, we have important opportunities to pass… Read more →

Protect the hands who feed you

TAKE ACTION: Meatpacking worker safety bill stopped for this session

We are extremely disheartened and sorry to share that this week in the Legislature, the Meatpacking Employees COVID-19 Protection Act LB241, introduced and prioritized by Senator Tony Vargas, was stopped from advancing. For practical purposes, this important bill is dead for this session. Please make one more call or email to your senator on this issue. Thank the senators who… Read more →

TAKE ACTION: Basic Paid Sick Leave on Agenda Tonight

The Nebraska Legislature is scheduled to debate LB258 as soon as tonight, which would ensure Nebraskans have access to basic, earned paid sick leave – promoting healthier and stronger families, especially working parents with young children. Make a short call or email to your senator today, urging them to support this important bill. Access to basic paid sick leave consistently… Read more →

Protect the hands who feed you

TAKE ACTION: Meatpacking COVID bill scheduled Thursday

The Meatpacking Employees COVID-19 Protection Act (LB 241) is scheduled for floor debate this Thursday! This is a critical moment for senators to hear community support for the bill. Take a minute to email your senator to support LB 241 and common-sense packing plant protections to keep workers and communities safe. A short email makes a big difference! Nebraskans who work… Read more →

Immigrant light

Three easy steps to support positive immigration laws!

Share your story & support for positive immigration laws! Take a moment today or this weekend to share the light of your support for positive immigration laws! It’s time for full inclusion of longtime community members and family members. Our immigration laws have not been meaningfully updated in 40 years, causing unnecessary harm. This year Congress has important opportunities to… Read more →

Join us in recognizing a historic moment for social justice

This week has been historic for our nation, including two monumental U.S. Supreme Court victories for LGBTQ+ and immigrant communities. Today, we honor Juneteenth, commemorating the day enslaved Americans fought and gained freedom in Texas, two years after the Emancipation Proclamation. This Juneteenth, we remember lives lost this year, and we also celebrate a DACA ruling that is a step… Read more →

TAKE ACTION: Protect Nebraska Dreamers before Supreme Court ruling on DACA

As you may be aware, the Supreme Court is expected to rule on several cases related to the successful DACA program (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) in the very near future — as soon as this coming Monday. Recent news reports point out that ending DACA during a pandemic would be catastrophic. The New York Times notes that approximately 27,000… Read more →

TAKE ACTION: Fight back on the fee hikes on citizenship, asylum, & other forms of status!

Immigrants contribute so much to the strength and betterment of our communities across our state and nation. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to thrive in the place they call home.  However, last month the administration proposed a new rule that targets low-income and working class immigrants by dramatically increasing application fees for citizenship, asylum, work permits, and other… Read more →

RELEASE: National report shows meatpacking workers’ safety under threat

***For Immediate Release*** Wednesday, September 4, 2019 Contact: Magdalena Cazarez Communications Director, Nebraska Appleseed Office: (402) 438-8853 Ext 119 Cell: (402) 504-0074   Abbie Kretz Senior Organizer, Heartland Workers Center Cell: (402) 630-6695   Meatpacking workers’ safety and rights under threat National report shows deregulation will worsen hazardous conditions   LINCOLN — In a major national report released… Read more →

MEDIA ADVISORY: Dream & TPS Press Conference April 18

***Media Advisory*** April 16, 2019 Contact, Darcy Tromanhauser (402) 803-0382 (cell) ADVISORY: Community members call for permanent protections for immigrant Nebraskans at April 18 Press Conference Nebraskans urge congressional delegation to pass new positive immigration legislation to create stability for Nebraska families and communities LINCOLN — On Thursday, April 18, Dreamer Nebraskans and Temporary Protected Status (TPS) residents –… Read more →


After President’s damaging shutdown and continuing harmful wall distraction, Congress needs to get to work on long-overdue, meaningful immigration policies

Congress has passed an agreement to fund the government, averting a second government shutdown in the new year. Unfortunately, this bill provides over 1 billion dollars for unnecessary border fencing that the public does not support and increases ICE funding to continue detaining children and families in prison-like settings. Darcy Tromanhauser, Nebraska Appleseed Immigrants & Communities Program Director, issued the… Read more →

Take Action

Take Action: Reopen government, reject anti-immigrant bill

The longest government shutdown in history has caused serious harm to families, communities, and workers across the country. Services for nutrition programs, Native American health care, rental housing, and public health and safety are increasingly threatened. Hundreds of thousands of federal workers have felt the financial strain that has made paying rent, feeding their families, or going to the doctor… Read more →

President continues harmful shutdown

Offers meager protections in exchange for unproductive, harmful wall the public does not support Today, during the Dr. Martin Luther King Day holiday weekend, President Trump is offering meager protections that would keep hardworking youth and families in a continued state of uncertainty and second-class status in exchange for unproductive and wasteful border wall funding. Darcy Tromanhauser, Nebraska Appleseed Immigrants… Read more →

Focus on border wall funding is dangerous distraction, harming families and communities

Tonight, President Trump stated that the government shutdown will continue. This decision is detrimental to families and communities across the country. Instead of reversing the Administration’s cruel policies towards children and families – tearing apart kids from their parents, jailing children in cages, and tear-gassing families fleeing violence – the president wants to move forward with an unproductive, wasteful plan… Read more →

Statement on child’s death at the border

***For Immediate Release*** December 14, 2018 Contact: Darcy Tromanhauser Immigrants & Communities Program Director Nebraska Appleseed Office: (402)438-8853, Ext. 112 Email: Child’s death highlights urgent need for safe asylum process for families LINCOLN — Today, reports released by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) revealed that a seven-year-old child from Guatemala died while in CBP custody a week ago… Read more →

United communities where everyone has the safety and opportunity to pursue their dreams

The last couple of years have seen destructive policies coming from Washington, D.C., that threaten our communities, neighbors and family members who are immigrants, refugees, and those seeking asylum. Rights and protections have been stripped away by dangerous White House policies, and our state has been shocked by Immigration and Customs Enforcement raids that targeted hard-working Nebraska families and threw… Read more →

Things you can do right now to help the O’Neill community devastated by ICE raids

So many of you have reached out asking how you can help the community of O’Neill following last week’s devastating ICE raids that shattered hard-working families and left many people in dire financial circumstances. Here are a couple ways you can take action today to make a big difference. Make a Donation Local organizations have set up ways to make a financial… Read more →

Take Action – March 5 Nebraska events on Dreamer deadline

In the months since the President announced he would end DACA on March 5, Congress has failed to protect hard-working young Nebraskans, their families, and the communities who count on them. Join local efforts to tell Congress “Stop playing games: Protect Immigrant Youth & Families Now.”  Our communities are strongest with the contributions of hard-working young Nebraskans, families with Temporary… Read more →

Take Action – For DREAMers and our communities, time is running out

We’re asking for you to take a minute today to stand with DREAMers, their families, and strong Nebraska communities. Call our members of Congress. Tell them they must pass a clean version of the bipartisan “DREAM Act of 2017” this week and avoid potentially another costly government shutdown. Our communities are stronger with Nebraska Dreamers in the picture! Sen. Deb… Read more →

Take Action – Support strong, united communities!

For generations, immigrants and refugee Nebraskans have made valuable contributions to our state – and are an important part of strong communities, local businesses, and Nebraska families. But recent harmful and divisive policies in Washington, D.C. have created fear and uncertainty in many local communities. We have a chance now to show Nebraskans stand with immigrant and refugee neighbors. Early… Read more →

Nebraskans urge unifying immigration policies with “We Belong Together”

Strong, united families and communities are the building blocks of Nebraska. But presently, certain harmful policies threaten to tear apart our families and separate loved ones. Nebraskans across the state are invited today to showcase their images representing why unified families and neighborhoods are vital to a healthy future for everyone in the “We Belong Together” campaign. Participants are invited… Read more →

National day of action on immigration. Make your call!

Now is an uncertain time for many Nebraska families because of recent, destructive policy announcements on immigration and refugee resettlement.  Yesterday, the White House released its plans for the recent immigration executive orders. The plans describe a harmful approach that would end longstanding protections for children, promote a massive expansion of detention, and bypass courts and due process. Will you… Read more →

Take Action – Tell Congress “I support refugees and immigrants”

Late Friday, President Trump added to last week’s anti-immigrant and refugee executive orders with an order that indefinitely bans refugees from Syria, and severely restricts immigration from several other Muslim-majority countries. These executive orders do not reflect America’s strongly held values that insist that we create safe homes for those escaping violence and persecution. And judging potential immigrants based on… Read more →

TAKE ACTION – Say “No” to destructive anti-immigrant orders

Nebraska’s values call us to welcome new neighbors, and for generations, people who have moved here from other countries have made invaluable contributions to our state. But today, President Trump issued a package of destructive executive orders that would have us turn our backs on those Nebraska values of community and inclusivity. These orders would increase imprisonment of families with… Read more →