Author: Darcy Tromanhauser

Join us in recognizing a historic moment for social justice

This week has been historic for our nation, including two monumental U.S. Supreme Court victories for LGBTQ+ and immigrant communities. Today, we honor Juneteenth, commemorating the day enslaved Americans fought and gained freedom in Texas, two years after the Emancipation Proclamation. This Juneteenth, we remember lives lost this year, and we also celebrate a DACA ruling that is a step… Read more →

TAKE ACTION: Protect Nebraska Dreamers before Supreme Court ruling on DACA

As you may be aware, the Supreme Court is expected to rule on several cases related to the successful DACA program (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) in the very near future — as soon as this coming Monday. Recent news reports point out that ending DACA during a pandemic would be catastrophic. The New York Times notes that approximately 27,000… Read more →

TAKE ACTION: Fight back on the fee hikes on citizenship, asylum, & other forms of status!

Immigrants contribute so much to the strength and betterment of our communities across our state and nation. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to thrive in the place they call home.  However, last month the administration proposed a new rule that targets low-income and working class immigrants by dramatically increasing application fees for citizenship, asylum, work permits, and other… Read more →

RELEASE: National report shows meatpacking workers’ safety under threat

***For Immediate Release*** Wednesday, September 4, 2019 Contact: Magdalena Cazarez Communications Director, Nebraska Appleseed Office: (402) 438-8853 Ext 119 Cell: (402) 504-0074   Abbie Kretz Senior Organizer, Heartland Workers Center Cell: (402) 630-6695   Meatpacking workers’ safety and rights under threat National report shows deregulation will worsen hazardous conditions   LINCOLN — In a major national report released… Read more →

MEDIA ADVISORY: Dream & TPS Press Conference April 18

***Media Advisory*** April 16, 2019 Contact, Darcy Tromanhauser (402) 803-0382 (cell) ADVISORY: Community members call for permanent protections for immigrant Nebraskans at April 18 Press Conference Nebraskans urge congressional delegation to pass new positive immigration legislation to create stability for Nebraska families and communities LINCOLN — On Thursday, April 18, Dreamer Nebraskans and Temporary Protected Status (TPS) residents –… Read more →

After President’s damaging shutdown and continuing harmful wall distraction, Congress needs to get to work on long-overdue, meaningful immigration policies

Congress has passed an agreement to fund the government, averting a second government shutdown in the new year. Unfortunately, this bill provides over 1 billion dollars for unnecessary border fencing that the public does not support and increases ICE funding to continue detaining children and families in prison-like settings. Darcy Tromanhauser, Nebraska Appleseed Immigrants & Communities Program Director, issued the… Read more →

Take Action: Reopen government, reject anti-immigrant bill

The longest government shutdown in history has caused serious harm to families, communities, and workers across the country. Services for nutrition programs, Native American health care, rental housing, and public health and safety are increasingly threatened. Hundreds of thousands of federal workers have felt the financial strain that has made paying rent, feeding their families, or going to the doctor… Read more →

President continues harmful shutdown

Offers meager protections in exchange for unproductive, harmful wall the public does not support Today, during the Dr. Martin Luther King Day holiday weekend, President Trump is offering meager protections that would keep hardworking youth and families in a continued state of uncertainty and second-class status in exchange for unproductive and wasteful border wall funding. Darcy Tromanhauser, Nebraska Appleseed Immigrants… Read more →

Focus on border wall funding is dangerous distraction, harming families and communities

Tonight, President Trump stated that the government shutdown will continue. This decision is detrimental to families and communities across the country. Instead of reversing the Administration’s cruel policies towards children and families – tearing apart kids from their parents, jailing children in cages, and tear-gassing families fleeing violence – the president wants to move forward with an unproductive, wasteful plan… Read more →

Statement on child’s death at the border

***For Immediate Release*** December 14, 2018 Contact: Darcy Tromanhauser Immigrants & Communities Program Director Nebraska Appleseed Office: (402)438-8853, Ext. 112 Email: Child’s death highlights urgent need for safe asylum process for families LINCOLN — Today, reports released by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) revealed that a seven-year-old child from Guatemala died while in CBP custody a week ago… Read more →

United communities where everyone has the safety and opportunity to pursue their dreams

The last couple of years have seen destructive policies coming from Washington, D.C., that threaten our communities, neighbors and family members who are immigrants, refugees, and those seeking asylum. Rights and protections have been stripped away by dangerous White House policies, and our state has been shocked by Immigration and Customs Enforcement raids that targeted hard-working Nebraska families and threw… Read more →

Things you can do right now to help the O’Neill community devastated by ICE raids

So many of you have reached out asking how you can help the community of O’Neill following last week’s devastating ICE raids that shattered hard-working families and left many people in dire financial circumstances. Here are a couple ways you can take action today to make a big difference. Make a Donation Local organizations have set up ways to make a financial… Read more →

Take Action – March 5 Nebraska events on Dreamer deadline

In the months since the President announced he would end DACA on March 5, Congress has failed to protect hard-working young Nebraskans, their families, and the communities who count on them. Join local efforts to tell Congress “Stop playing games: Protect Immigrant Youth & Families Now.”  Our communities are strongest with the contributions of hard-working young Nebraskans, families with Temporary… Read more →

Take Action – For DREAMers and our communities, time is running out

We’re asking for you to take a minute today to stand with DREAMers, their families, and strong Nebraska communities. Call our members of Congress. Tell them they must pass a clean version of the bipartisan “DREAM Act of 2017” this week and avoid potentially another costly government shutdown. Our communities are stronger with Nebraska Dreamers in the picture! Sen. Deb… Read more →

Take Action – Support strong, united communities!

For generations, immigrants and refugee Nebraskans have made valuable contributions to our state – and are an important part of strong communities, local businesses, and Nebraska families. But recent harmful and divisive policies in Washington, D.C. have created fear and uncertainty in many local communities. We have a chance now to show Nebraskans stand with immigrant and refugee neighbors. Early… Read more →

Nebraskans urge unifying immigration policies with “We Belong Together”

Strong, united families and communities are the building blocks of Nebraska. But presently, certain harmful policies threaten to tear apart our families and separate loved ones. Nebraskans across the state are invited today to showcase their images representing why unified families and neighborhoods are vital to a healthy future for everyone in the “We Belong Together” campaign. Participants are invited… Read more →

National day of action on immigration. Make your call!

Now is an uncertain time for many Nebraska families because of recent, destructive policy announcements on immigration and refugee resettlement.  Yesterday, the White House released its plans for the recent immigration executive orders. The plans describe a harmful approach that would end longstanding protections for children, promote a massive expansion of detention, and bypass courts and due process. Will you… Read more →

Take Action – Tell Congress “I support refugees and immigrants”

Late Friday, President Trump added to last week’s anti-immigrant and refugee executive orders with an order that indefinitely bans refugees from Syria, and severely restricts immigration from several other Muslim-majority countries. These executive orders do not reflect America’s strongly held values that insist that we create safe homes for those escaping violence and persecution. And judging potential immigrants based on… Read more →

TAKE ACTION – Say “No” to destructive anti-immigrant orders

Nebraska’s values call us to welcome new neighbors, and for generations, people who have moved here from other countries have made invaluable contributions to our state. But today, President Trump issued a package of destructive executive orders that would have us turn our backs on those Nebraska values of community and inclusivity. These orders would increase imprisonment of families with… Read more →

RELEASE – Nebraska Appleseed Statement on Anti-Immigrant Executive Orders

***For Immediate Release*** January 25, 2017   Contact, Jeff Sheldon Communications Director, Nebraska Appleseed Office: (402) 438-8853 Mobile: (402) 840-7289 Email: Nebraska Appleseed Statement on Anti-Immigrant Executive Orders Discriminatory actions will undermine community safety, are unworthy of American values of hope, justice, and freedom   LINCOLN — Today, President Donald Trump issued a package of harsh anti-immigrant executive orders… Read more →

Take Action – Let young Nebraskans work for their dreams

One of the best resources Nebraska has for a bright future is hard-working young people who want to follow their career dreams and practice their chosen professions right here in our state. We’re asking you to take action today to help more of these bright young Nebraskans reach their career goals and be part of the next generation of Nebraska… Read more →

TAKE ACTION – Tell Congress & Governor Ricketts to welcome Syrian refugees!

As people across the United States are volunteering to welcome Syrian refugees in their communities, a number of Governors recently announced that they want to stop their states from resettling Syrian refugees. Some Members of Congress have even introduced legislation that would stop refugee resettlement altogether. It is critical that public officials hear from their constituents NOW as decisions are… Read more →

ACTION ALERT: We can’t move backwards on immigration

Nebraskans have been saying for a long time that Congress must move us forward with up-to-date immigration laws that keep families united, boost our economy, and create a strong foundation for our future. But, harmful new legislation is threatening to drag us backwards into more pitfalls that mean more broken families and more needless deportations. Take action today! Call or… Read more →

Executive Action a wise first step on fixing Immigration

Today, we learned that President Obama will announce his intention to take executive action as a first-step, temporary solution to our outdated immigration system. The announcement will be made during a televised address Thursday at 7 p.m Central with a detailed speech on the plan coming Friday in Las Vegas. Post by The White House.   Administrative relief granted by the President… Read more →

Appleseed statement on President’s delay of immigration action

September 6, 2014 Contact, Jeff Sheldon Nebraska Appleseed Office: (402) 438-8853 Mobile: (402) 840-7289 Email: Appleseed Statement on President Obama’s Delay of Action on Immigration Several major outlets have reported that President Obama will delay making any decisions about administrative changes to immigration policy until after the November 2014 elections. Below is a statement from Darcy Tromanhauser, director of Nebraska Appleseed’s Immigrants… Read more →

More than 50 Nebraska Organizations Urge House Action for Common-Sense Immigration Laws

Organizations Send Letter to Nebraska Delegation Urging House Action Today a diverse group of more than 50 Nebraska organizations representing thousands of Nebraskans again called upon Congress to enact common-sense immigration laws.  In a letter sent to the Nebraska Congressional delegation and released to the press, the groups reminded our Congressmen of the strong support for immigration reform in our… Read more →

A failed deportation policy: Breaking up families for minor offenses

We’ve reached an unfortunate milestone under the Obama Administration – 2 million people have been deported from the U.S. under outdated policies, taking a devastating human and economic toll. Last week, The New York Times published a study that shows two-thirds of those people deported have committed only minor infractions such as traffic violations, or had no criminal record at all.… Read more →

Teresa’s Story: Crippling work speeds lead to permanent pain and injuries

Note: As we reported last week, meatpacking and poultry workers, Nebraska Appleseed, the Midwest Coalition for Human Rights, and Southern Poverty Law Center testified before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights on March 25. The Commission is investigating crippling injuries and human rights abuses in U.S. meat and poultry processing facilities. Petitioners called for better U.S. government policies to protect… Read more →

Four surgeries and disabled after 8 years working in meatpacking plants

Note: As we reported earlier this week, meatpacking and poultry workers, Nebraska Appleseed, the Midwest Coalition for Human Rights, and Southern Poverty Law Center testified before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights on March 25. The Commission is investigating crippling injuries and human rights abuses in U.S. meat and poultry processing facilities. Petitioners called for better U.S. government policies to… Read more →

A long and earned path to citizenship

One of the mistaken sentiments expressed by opponents of updating our immigration laws is that creating a clear process for citizenship somehow moves undocumented immigrants “to the front of the line” ahead of people who already have taken steps in the citizenship process. Nothing could be further from the truth.  Immigrants currently stuck in backlogs would be processed first, and… Read more →

Lincoln leaders hold prayer vigil for updated immigration laws

As the holiday season approaches, Lincoln-area faith, youth, civil rights, and family leaders came together outside Rep. Jeff Fortenberry’s office today for a prayer vigil expressing the urgency of updating federal immigration laws this year to stop the separation of Nebraska families. The group gathered around a dinner table with one place setting missing to symbolize the many Nebraska families… Read more →

Take Action – Prayer vigil for new immigration law Thursday

This year, thousands of Nebraskans have shown their support for Congress to pass updated immigration laws that keep families together, make our economy stronger, and move us forward as a state and country. Join us Thursday, November 7, for a prayer vigil for immigration reform outside Congressman Lee Terry’s Omaha office.  A host of Omaha faith leaders will lead supporters… Read more →

Crowd of 2,000 Nebraskans march and rally for common-sense immigration laws

Saturday, an estimated 2,000 Nebraskans from across the state gathered in Omaha to urge Nebraska’s members of Congress to pass updated immigration laws in 2013 that strengthen families, businesses, communities, and the future of our state. The “Families’ March and Rally for Dignity and Respect” was part of a nationwide push for immigration reform this week in which tens of… Read more →

March and rally in Omaha Saturday for updated immigration laws

Saturday is a huge day for Nebraskans who think NOW is the time to fix our outdated immigration system! We want you to join hundreds of Nebraskans from across the state in Omaha Saturday afternoon as we march and gather to tell Congress now is the time to pass updated immigration laws that strengthen families, businesses, communities, and the future… Read more →

Immigration Reform Summer: Now it’s time for House action

This was the summer of immigration reform in Nebraska and around the country. While our congressmen were back in Nebraska during the August recess, they heard loud and clear across the state Nebraskans are tired of seeing our families and communities harmed by outdated immigration laws. Community, faith, business, youth, and immigrant leaders attended town halls and held dozens of… Read more →

Take Action – Support path to citizenship at immigration events in Omaha

Our country’s outdated immigration laws are separating Nebraska families while creating instability and uncertainty for businesses and communities. Next week is the last week of recess and an important time to take action as our members of Congress get ready to return to Washington. Take action next week by attending several events in Omaha. Lend your voice to the conversation… Read more →

You’re Invited – Bibles, Badges, and Business Immigration Talk

August is a crucial month for fixing our country’s antiquated immigration system in a way that’s best for Nebraska’s families, communities, economy, and future!   You’re invited this Wednesday, August 21 to attend an immigration roundtable discussion in Omaha held by the Bibles, Badges, and Business for Immigration Reform (BBB) Network.  BBB is a nationwide network of faith, law enforcement… Read more →

TAKE ACTION – Support immigration reform at Town Hall meetings with Nebraska congressional delegation

Now is the time to make your voice heard on a common-sense immigration system that keeps Nebraska families together, strengthens our economy, and reflects our values! Our members of Congress are back in Nebraska for five weeks of recess starting this week.  They are holding a series of town hall meetings throughout August to hear from people like you on… Read more →

Join us for an Immigration Reform Advocacy Night Thursday in Omaha

The U.S. Senate recently passed a bill to fix our outdated immigration system and create a clear process for citizenship for aspiring Americans. Debate now moves to the House of Representatives, which is expected to unveil its own bill this summer.  We’re closer than ever to creating a workable immigration system. But we need your support. Join Appleseed for an… Read more →

Take Action: Senate passes immigration reform bill. Now, it’s the House’s turn.

The U.S. Senate took a great step toward fixing our outdated immigration laws last week when it voted overwhelmingly to pass a historic immigration bill with a path to citizenship for aspiring Americans. The bipartisan vote was 68-32! Unfortunately, Senator Johanns and Senator Fischer voted against the bill. On the same day, more than 40 diverse Nebraska groups gathered in… Read more →

Civil Rights Groups Urge Inter-American Commission on Human Rights to Examine Dangerous Work Conditions in U.S. Poultry, Meatpacking Plants

USDA Secretary Vilsack on Notice to Protect Workers WASHINGTON – A coalition of civil rights groups urged the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights today to address human rights violations in U.S. poultry and meatpacking plants – violations that are the result of federal policies failing to protect the workers responsible for making the United States the largest producer of beef… Read more →

Your voice critical TODAY on historic immigration reform

Thanks to those who already tried to call! The original phone number was not connecting with Nebraska senators.  Please use the corrected phone number below! Last night, the bipartisan Senate immigration bill passed a first critical test and vote. There will be a final vote on the bill by the Senate as early as Thursday. Both Senator Johanns and Senator… Read more →

Take Action – Path to citizenship for immigrants protects children

Nationwide, an estimated 4.5 million children who are U.S. citizens live in families where one or more of their parents are undocumented. As Nebraska children’s, family, and health advocates highlighted in a recent press conference (see below), these children will grow up to be our future family members, neighbors and co-workers – and their health and well-being as children today… Read more →

Day of Action – FB, tweet & call for immigration reform TODAY

Nebraska’s U.S. senators and congressmen are back at home this week for the Memorial Day recess. Next week, they’ll return to DC where the bipartisan immigration reform bill (S.744) will be debated and voted on in the Senate, and discussion is also expected to begin in the House. Today is a day you can help  spread the word that immigration… Read more →

Senate Judiciary Committee advances immigration bill with path to citizenship

This week the Senate Judiciary Committee put America one step closer to a modern, common-sense immigration system by advancing S. 744 out of committee with bipartisan support on a vote of 13-5. From the Washington Post: Senate panel approves sweeping immigration reform bill In the words of committee chairman Sen. Patrick Leahy who led the Senate Judiciary Committee process: “The… Read more →

Optimism from House announcement of immigration bill

Appleseed is very encouraged by news that a bipartisan group of lawmakers in the House of Representatives has reached an agreement in principle on immigration reform that includes a path to citizenship for aspiring Americans. While we await the details of the agreement, the announcement marks yet another major breakthrough. Combined with the progress being made in the Senate Judiciary… Read more →

Wide variety of Nebraska perspectives call for immigration laws with path to citizenship

Last week, more than 40 Nebraska organizations gathered at the Nebraska State Capitol to urge common-sense immigration laws that create a clear and inclusive path to citizenship for aspiring Americans. These 40 institutions represented a wide range of Nebraska perspectives, including faith, business, labor, immigrant, civic, civil rights, rural, children and families. Appleseed was proud to be part of this… Read more →

TAKE ACTION: National call-in days for immigration reform!

Join the national call-in days for immigration reform! Make your call today or tomorrow! Call Congress at 877-848-8289 or text “NOW” to 787753. Join supporters across the country, and flex your muscle for common-sense immigration laws with a clear and direct roadmap to citizenship that support Nebraska families, businesses, and communities! As always, your message can be short and simple… Read more →

What we all stand to gain from updated immigration laws

The inspiring young immigrant Americans in the audience of last night’s State of the Union address show both what we stand to gain from common-sense immigration laws and what we stand to lose from continued inaction. Their dreams, talents, and commitment to this country are enormous assets.  Alan Aleman, a student of biological science, was a guest of Michelle Obama.  Julieta Garibay and Gabino… Read more →

Nebraska Cattlemen Promote Immigration Reform

Momentum around immigration reform continues to grow as new voices come forward to promote common-sense immigration laws at the federal level. An article in today’s Lincoln Journal Star highlights the Nebraska Cattlemen’s announcement of their support for positive reform. Leigh cattleman Chuck Folken describes how he has never forgotten the large-scale immigration raid in Grand Island before Christmas 2006: “They took away mothers and… Read more →

The beginning of a real conversation on immigration

NPR’s interview with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the Service Employees International Union this week shows the beginning of a real conversation on immigration. As the two groups noted in the interview, “While we may disagree on a number of other issues, on this one we are lock step and working on fixing this system.” Eliseo Medina of SEIU… Read more →

Nebraska Appleseed welcomes focus on citizenship and momentum for reform

With this week’s major announcements on immigration from a bipartisan group of Senators and President Obama, momentum has never been stronger for immigration reform. We welcome the announcement that Republican and Democratic Senators are prepared to move forward with legislation that includes a roadmap to citizenship for 11 million aspiring Americans currently residing in the United States. We look forward to legislation… Read more →

Take Action! 1/3 of a Second Isn’t Long Enough to Keep Food and Workers Safe

As Thanksgiving preparations begin, take just a moment to help stop a proposed new rule that would make food and workers less safe next year. A new rule proposed by the USDA would increase line speed in poultry plants, giving inspectors only 1/3 of a second to inspect each chicken — risking your food and workers’ safety. Help stop the… Read more →

New report highlights dangerous working conditions in Midwest meat and poultry plants

A coalition of more than 50 Midwest human rights organizations, including Nebraska Appleseed, released a new report today that confirms dangerous conditions still exist for food and worker safety in meat and poultry processing plants. The report, titled “Always Working Beyond the Capacity of Our Bodies: Meat and Poultry Processing Work Conditions and Human Rights in the Midwest,” summarizes in-depth… Read more →

The Heavy Toll of Extreme Immigration Laws

Rev. H. Julian Gordy, Bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America’s Southeastern Synod, wrote a powerful guest column in Sunday’s Montgomery Advertiser, the newspaper of record in Alabama’s capital. His piece is a reminder of the heavy toll extreme immigration laws continue to take on several Southern states. He describes the “economic fractures and the human toll” that spill… Read more →

Supreme Court Strikes Down Most of Arizona’s Immigration Law

Nebraskans emphasize toxic social and economic outcomes Today the Supreme Court issued a first ruling on Arizona’s immigration enforcement law. In response, Nebraska Appleseed issued this media release: Today, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down three of the four provisions of Arizona’s notorious “show me your papers” law, a state-level immigration policy that Nebraska and many other states have already… Read more →

Private Prison Industry Profits from Immigrant Detentions at Taxpayer Expense

Another disconcerting investigative report – this time from Chris Kirkham at the Huffington Post – reveals rising profits in the private prison industry from immigrant detention: “the industry has seen its revenues swell at taxpayer expense.” The article explores the industry’s new business model and the profit motive to support laws like Arizona’s, showing that new profits “are in part… Read more →

Puzzling over the Supreme Court Argument in the Arizona Case

Linda Greenhouse, a former New York Times reporter on the Supreme Court, offers this excellent piece puzzling over the recent Supreme Court argument on Arizona’s notorious “show me your papers” law, S.B. 1070: I found last week’s Supreme Court argument in the Arizona immigration case utterly depressing, and I’ve spent the intervening week puzzling over my reaction. It’s not simply that the… Read more →

While Studies Show Line Speed Is Crippling Poultry Workers, USDA Proposes Doubling the Allowable Speed

As we have heard from hundreds of people who work in meat and poultry processing, “the speed kills you.” Relentless work speed and thousands of repetitive motions cause workers’ hands to swell with pain and later lead to permanently crippling injuries. Workers are told they have to “learn to live with the pain,” and many undergo multiple surgeries on their… Read more →

April 17 Film & Discussion: When We Stop Counting

Here’s a great opportunity to see the powerful local film “When We Stop Counting” with a panel discussion by Nebraska educators. Sponsored by Nebraskans for Peace, First Plymouth Congregational Church, and National Association of Social Workers. Film Screening & Panel Discussion: April 17, 7-9 p. m. “When We Stop Counting”: Education,  Poverty, and Culture.   First Plymouth Congregational Church, 2000… Read more →

Fremont Ordinance: Unconstitutional and Unproductive

The court’s decision Monday to strike down the core of the Fremont immigration enforcement ordinance is no surprise. Every such ordinance with a rental component has been found unconstitutional — but not before creating great cost, division, and sense of loss in the local community. Even though the Fremont ordinance never went into effect, it has torn the community apart.… Read more →

It’s Time to Build Welcoming Communities

Yesterday, the New York Times published a forward-thinking opinion piece that highlights immigrant contributions to the U.S. and – in the context of impending Baby Boomer retirement – underscores the importance of shifting our nation’s attitude to a welcoming one. We wanted to share this insightful piece, which also highlights Welcoming America — a national network of locally-led efforts including that of Nebraska Is… Read more →

Thousands March in Alabama

Freedom Riders Meet with DREAMers in Dr. Martin Luther King’s Church [thethe-image-slider name=”IICP Blog 12/22/2011″] Last weekend, thousands came together in Montgomery, Alabama, to protest that state’s notorious immigration enforcement law. Carrying “One Family, One Alabama” and “Not in My America” signs, Civil Rights leaders from across the country and thousands of Alabamians called for the state and country to… Read more →

New Report Shows (Again) Alarming Problems in Detention Facilities

As America continues to call on Congress to bring our immigration system into the 21st century – with workable solutions that uphold our values and move us forward – a new report released today by two Midwest human rights organizations highlights alarming problems in immigrant detention facilities as well. The report, Not Too Late for Reform, authored by the Midwest Coalition for Human Rights… Read more →

Thousands Gather for Civil and Human Rights in Alabama

Today thousands of Alabamians are gathering to launch the “One Family, One Alabama” campaign to challenge state lawmakers to repeal the nation’s most vicious anti-immigrant law.  Members of Congress will hear from people whose lives have been damaged by the law. Local leaders and civil rights leaders from around the country will speak at the historic Sixteenth Street Baptist Church. Numerous… Read more →

Creators of Strong, Vibrant Communities: Karen X. Gómez & Maria Dávila

Nebraska Appleseed is honored to announce that Karen X. Gómez & Maria Dávila of Columbus, Nebraska, will be one of the inaugural recipients of the Roots of Justice Award. Karen and Maria truly embody the vision of this award. Unsung grassroots heroes, these two are quietly working to build important nonprofit infrastructure in rural Nebraska and to do their part to create strong,… Read more →

An Undocumented Immigrant’s Story

In this powerful story in the The New York Times Magazine, a journalist discusses his life as an undocumented immigrant. His experience shows the talents our country stands to lose by delaying reform of our outdated immigration system. He also describes “a sort of 21st-century underground railroad of supporters, people who took an interest in my future and took risks… Read more →

Voices from Fremont: A Civil Rights Project by Nebraska Appleseed

Nebraska Appleseed is proud to unveil a new art exhibit “Voices from Fremont.” The exhibit shares the stories of Fremont residents who have witnessed a growing sense of division, hostility, and suspicion in their community since the city passed a restrictive immigration ordinance in 2010.  Special thanks to designer Justin Kemmerling for his hard work on this project. On the… Read more →

History Is Repeating Itself: Can You Tell the Difference?

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! They say today everyone is a little bit Irish. It wasn’t always like that, though. When the Irish first came to America they were met with persecution, ignorance and fear. They were denied jobs, accused of lawlessness and of destroying the United States. Immigration became a rallying point for the Know-Nothings, a political party dedicated to… Read more →

Committee Protects Nebraska’s In-state Tuition Education Policy

The Lincoln Journal Star today reported that the Legislature’s Education Committee voted down a bill that sought to repeal Nebraska’s in-state tuition law. Dozens of educational, community, faith, and legal institutions testified in support of protecting Nebraska’s in-state tuition policy at the committee hearing on February 7. Some of the testifiers included the University of Nebraska, the Post-Secondary Commission, the Nebraska… Read more →

Nebraskans Oppose an Arizona-Style Law, Support Common-Sense Federal Reform

Nearly 500 Nebraskans came to the state Capitol on Thursday, 01/27/2011, to say that Nebraska values do not support an Arizona-style law in this state. Participants and speakers from around the state, representing the League of Nebraska Municipalities, the Methodist Bishop, Catholics, Lutherans, Presbyterians, United Church of Christ, Disciples of Christ, other faith groups, veterans, the NAACP-Lincoln, the Anti-Defamation League,… Read more →

Police Chief William Bratton Describes the Dangers of an Arizona-style Law for Community Safety

In today’s Omaha World Herald, former Los Angeles police chief and former New York City police commissioner William Bratton outlines the perils of requiring local police to serve as immigration agents:  “Keeping America’s neighborhoods safe requires our police forces to have the trust and help of everyone in our communities. My nearly 40 years in law enforcement…have taught me this.”… Read more →

Nebraska Police Chief Describes Problems with Arizona-Style Bill

Since Arizona passed its divisive and unconstitutional immigration law last April, many top law enforcement officials have raised serious concerns about the approach. Police officials have argued that such laws are an unfunded mandate on local police, reduce officers, undermine community policing, and force local departments to allocate more officers to processing immigration status for individuals without criminal records rather… Read more →

Omaha Senator Offers Alternative to Arizona-style Bill

Omaha Sen. Brenda Council today introduced a common-sense alternative to an Arizona-style bill — a resolution for immigration reform “modeled after the Utah Compact, a statement of principles developed by a broad coalition of Utah politicians, businesses, civic groups, law enforcement and religious leaders” (Lincoln Journal Star 1/18/11). “It’s very powerful,” said Judiciary Chairman Brad Ashford, who signed onto the… Read more →

Statement on Immigration by Catholic Archbishop

Archbishop Lucas and the Omaha Archdiocese have released a statement saying that “immigration is of extreme interest and concern to Nebraskans and the Catholic Church” and calling for “civility, respectfulness, and common decency” in the statewide discussion. The statement provides a number of useful teaching resources, saying that “the task of welcoming immigrants, refugees, and displaced persons into full participation… Read more →

A DREAM Denied

Despite majority support for the DREAM Act in the House, the Senate, and the American public, Nebraska’s Congressional delegation, to a member, voted against the bill, which was procedurally blocked from moving forward by a filibuster in the Senate on Saturday.  The DREAM Act would allow students who were brought to this country at a young age a means to… Read more →

Free Screenings of Film About Arizona-style Law

“9500 Liberty” screenings warn Nebraskans about economic, social pitfalls of Arizona copycat law Student groups at the Kearney, Lincoln, and Omaha campuses of the University of Nebraska will host a free screening of the award-winning documentary 9500 LIBERTY on Thursday, December 2 at 7pm. The film chronicles the rise and fall of a Virginia county law that briefly required police to check… Read more →

Prison Economics Help Drive Arizona Immigration Law

A disturbing story on NPR this morning describes a “quiet, behind-the-scenes effort to help draft and pass Arizona Senate Bill 1070 by an industry that stands to benefit from it: the private prison industry.” Prison Economics Help Drive Arizona Immigration Law: The investigation uncovers how the AZ law was born in a hotel room with about 50 people organized by… Read more →

Nebraska Civic Leaders Join Hundreds in DC for Immigration Reform

On September 15th, Nebraska civic leaders joined hundreds in Washington, D.C. today to point the way forward for common-sense and humane immigration reform. The national day of action “RELIEF, REFORM, RESPECT: Civic Leaders Stand for Immigrant Families” brought hundreds of civic leaders and people of faith to the Capitol. A delegation of four Nebraska leaders visited Congressional offices to communicate… Read more →

Lincoln Screening of 9500 Liberty – Friday 8/13

Friday, August 13 7:00 pm Westminster Church 2110 Sheridan Blvd, Lincoln Film Screening and Community Conversation with the Director of 9500 Liberty, Panelists + Live Music! The Unitarian Church Social Justice Committee (formerly Social Action) recommends this film as a part of our learning and building understanding for the Standing on the Side of Love campaign ( The film 9500… Read more →

Voices from Fremont – Week Two

Last Friday, we began this “Voices from Fremont” series to share residents’ experiences in the wake of the Fremont vote (see 7/29/10 posting).  Their comments show the unfortunate effect the Fremont law has already had on the community, even before it officially goes into effect. Their voices show how such policies can tear a community apart.  As we continue this… Read more →

Sometimes Historic Change Takes Heroic Acts

Last week, Nebraska student and wrestling champion Daniel Dominguez walked from O’Neill to Lincoln – covering 200 miles on foot – to raise awareness about the federal DREAM Act. To learn more about his incredible journey and the critical importance of the legislation, go to The DREAM Act is federal legislation that would allow talented students without legal status… Read more →

Immigration Reform Is a Critical Part of Our Economic Recovery

We know the devastating impact our broken immigration system is having on Nebraska families and communities. According to a new report, reform is also urgent for economic reasons. Raising the Floor for American Workers: The Economic Benefits of Comprehensive Immigration Reform – released jointly by the Immigration Policy Center and the Center for American Progress and prepared by Dr. Raul… Read more →

Freedom at Last: So Long, Lou

These past two weeks have been big weeks for immigration reform: Secretary Napolitano announced that the Administration will push for immigration reform early in 2010, rather than waiting until after the mid-term elections, Rep. Luis Gutierrez held a virtual town hall meeting on reform for more than 60,000 people in house parties around the country, and Lou Dobbs left CNN.… Read more →

“Come to the plant and you will see”: Meatpacking Workers Want You to Know About Unsafe Conditions

Last week we released a major study of meatpacking workers’ perspectives of health and safety conditions in the industry, surveying 455 workers in one of the country’s biggest meat-producing states: “The Speed Kills You”: The Voice of Nebraska’s Meatpacking Workers. Nebraska produces one of every four steaks and hamburgers in the country. Official statistics already show that injury rates in… Read more →

Nebraska Faith Leaders and Public Call for Action on Immigration Reform This Year

[singlepic id=119 w=320 h=240 float=left]Yesterday, we were honored to take part in a powerful event highlighting the continuing urgency for immigration reform. A large gathering of prominent local leaders from diverse faith traditions held a prayer vigil with people of faith and good will calling for the humane treatment of all immigrant families and a workable immigration policy to help… Read more →

Second White House Meeting on Immigration Reform Responds to Thousands of Community Questions

While we’re immersed in one of the most important opportunities for our country’s future, the movement for health care reform, the White House and community advocates last week took a moment to demonstrate continued urgency and momentum for a fixing broken immigration system. Nearly 100 labor, business, law enforcement, faith and community leaders met with Department of Homeland Security Secretary… Read more →

Involving Local Police in Federal Immigration Enforcement Is Dangerous Policy

Our failure to create a workable immigration system continues to wreak havoc on many other community policies – the latest example is a new extension of the federal program to enlist local police in federal immigration enforcement duties. Asking state and local law enforcement to don a second hat as federal immigration officers has dangerous ramifications for public safety. When… Read more →

White House Meeting a Major Step for Immigration Reform

A few days ago, we saw a major step forward for immigration reform this year. On June 25, President Obama held a bipartisan meeting with Congressional leaders to talk about moving immigration reform as a top priority. This meeting demonstrated the momentum that has been building around the issue, including thousands of calls to the White House and Members of… Read more →