Make Your Voice Heard on the Senate Health Bill

Your VoiceThe Senate began debate on its health care reform bill this past Monday. Debate will likely last a few weeks with a vote hopefully occurring before Christmas. The House already passed its version of health care reform legislation. Now is a critical time to make your voice heard about health care reform as the Senate is debating and amending its proposed reforms.

The Senate bill makes much needed improvements to our health care system.  But, there is certainly room for improvements in the bill to make comprehensive health care coverage more affordable for low- and middle-income Nebraskans, children, and senior citizens. Moreover, there will be numerous attempts by opponents of health care reform to pass detrimental amendments that seek to curb the expansion of affordable, comprehensive coverage. Again, now is the time for you to voice your concerns.

(To see which provisions of the Senate bill should be improved upon or may face harmful amendments, read Families USA’s recent report “Holding the Line: Protecting the Senate Health Reform Bill“)

In the coming weeks there will be numerous public opportunities to get involved. This afternoon dozens of Nebraskans will line up outside of Senator Nelson and Senator Johanns’ Lincoln offices and one-by-one share their stories about why health care reform matters to them. The constituents will urge the Senators to “Vote Yes” on the Senate bill.

Next Tuesday, December 8, Wendell Potter, a former CIGNA executive turned insurance industry whistle-blower who has received national attention from both the media and Congress will speak at a health care reform forum at Creighton University’s Law College at 6pm. Also speaking will be Dr. Richard O’Brien of the Creighton Medical Center and small business owner Rick Poore. Learn more or sign up for the event on the event Facebook page.

We also encourage you to regularly call Senator Nelson and Senator Johanns. Call them at 1-877-265-HCAN. Tell them that health care reform can’t wait any longer. And urge them to oppose amendments that weaken affordability provisions in the Senate bill. Urge them to stand up for Nebraskans to make quality, affordable health insurance affordable for everyone.

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