Kitchen Tables

turkeysI love Thanksgiving.  My Dad (my favorite farmer) cooks for us, and this year, I have not one but two beautiful nieces to giggle with at the table.  This is what valuing family means to me.  I am grateful for a good meal, for family, and even for the baby drool and stuffing that will inevitably end up on my sweater.

To me, in many ways, this is a snapshot of what Nebraska Appleseed is all about.  Healthy kids.  Celebrations of cultural diversity.  Loving families.  Plenty to eat.

I believe that our public laws and systems are a kind of community kitchen table.  Appleseed works every day to make Nebraska’s laws and public programs reflect our kitchen table values of family, community, voice, and pride in our state.  We embrace culture diversity through the Nebraska is Home project, we are fighting for family access to health care in the current federal debate, we promote kinship care in our foster care system, and we work to protect the rights of families to meet their basic needs through public programs when they need assistance.

Many times in our blog posts and alerts we are asking for your phone calls or pledges or participation in an event.  This time, I would like to simply wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.  I hope you enjoy your holiday knowing that your belief in Nebraska Appleseed and our work is a part of making the same things that are good about your celebration true for families statewide.

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