The Good News

In these times of economic struggle, it’s tempting to focus only on the difficulties facing our state and our families. While the Low Income Self Sufficiency Program will continue to address issues ranging from unemployment to increased poverty rates, this week, we’re taking a hiatus from the problematic to bring you some good news. And, in fact, there’s plenty of good news to share:

The Recovery Act is Working: The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities has found that recovery act funds have helped to keep 6 million people out of poverty. Here in Nebraska, Community Action agencies are able to serve more families this year in weatherization, Head Start, and other programs using recovery act funds. While the outcomes of all aspects of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act remain to be seen, this is certainly promising progress.

People are Talking: Business leaders, state administrators, human services providers and others are all lined up to speak at Nebraska Appleseed’s first ever “Building Nebraska’s Future Workforce Forum.” This one-day action-oriented forum about economic opportunity in Nebraska will address innovative efforts to fill workforce needs, building the skills needed in the future economy, and ways to build new opportunities for workers. This is a new chance to bring together stakeholders from education, business, and human services to talk about jobs and workers in a whole new way. We’re looking forward to it and invite you to join us, register today!

Nebraskans are Innovating: The Omaha Workforce Collaborative, an initiative of the Omaha Chamber of Commerce, is developing worker opportunities that include access to education and social supports for low-income workers to enter high-demand industries. This new model represents a best practice in workforce development. Programs have rolled out in insurance customer service, welding, and ophthalmology.

What is your good news to share? Are there any signs of economic resurgence, social innovation, or other best practices in your community?

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