Opportunity Scorecard reveals struggles, suggests solutions for working families in Nebraska

Economic security for Nebraska families is key to making our state great.  But, despite working hard, too many Nebraska families struggle.

A new assessment from Nebraska Appleseed released today examines how Nebraska stacks up in key economic indicators for working families.  The Nebraska Opportunity Scorecard measures economic security, economic mobility, and economic opportunity in the state compared to the rest of the nation and to previous years and paints a picture of how Nebraska can improve efforts to strengthen working families.

The Scorecard examined findings of the Working Poor Families Project analysis of the American Community Survey, plus used data from the U.S. Census, and other state sources.

The findings showed key areas in need of improvement:

  • One in four jobs in our state pays low wages showing a need to increase our economic development standards to improve job opportunities.
  • One in four low-income working families contains at least one parent without a high school diploma or GED. Investments in adult education are necessary to give more adults a chance to be competitive in the job market.
  • One in three children in Nebraska is growing up in a low-income working family. Our tax system should be changed to better reward work and support families with children.

Nebraska is a great place for workers and families, but we must take action to make it better, so that we can continue to compete, and succeed in a global economy.  We can improve upon existing programs and strategies to capitalize on the strength of Nebraska working families and create a prosperous Nebraska where working families are economically mobile and secure.

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