Crucial improvements necessary for ACCESS Nebraska system

Access Nebraska

Tuesday, the Legislature’s Health and Human Services Committee held an interim study on the progress made by ACCESS Nebraska, the state’s new public benefit delivery system.

ACCESS Nebraska was designed to modernize the public benefits system and improve efficiency, but there have been many problems that have occurred as a result of the transition.  At the hearing, several Nebraskans testified about their difficulties in using the system, ranging from lost paperwork, long delays on the phone, and cases that were mistakenly closed.

Nebraska Appleseed attorney James Goddard also testified.

It is important to continue to work on improving the system to ensure that it is effective and efficient for hard-working Nebraska families.  The programs that ACCESS Nebraska administers help parents keep food on the table, provide crucial medical coverage, and provide important support for low-income Nebraskans working out of tough circumstances.

We thank the Legislature for its continued interest in ACCESS Nebraska, and encourage its continued oversight of the system.  It is vitally important we make sure ACCESS Nebraska works as intended – to help our seniors and low-income Nebraskans get the timely support they need.

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