Nebraskans Turn Out for Health Care Reform

[singlepic id=111 w=320 h=240 float=left]”Wow!” was all I could think to say yesterday after the fabulous rally at the State Capitol.  Between 600 and 700 Nebraskans turned out to show their support for health insurance reform!  Rally goers heard from several speakers, including a representative from the White House, Nick Rathod, who is a native of Hastings. Senators Jeremy Nordquist and Amanda McGill also addressed the crowd as did several Nebraskans representing families, veterans, health care providers, teachers, older Nebraskans, and small business owners.  The speakers were great, the atmosphere was positive, and the voice of Nebraskans supporting reform was critical.

It was so heartening to see that many people take the time and rearrange their schedules to attend the rally to make sure Congress acts to address our broken health care system.  Nebraskans understand that the current system is unsustainable.  The rally showed me that so many Nebraskans have said no to fear tactics.  So many are saying no to lies.  They will not be swayed.    The distortions cannot outweigh the reality of their own experience — the increasing premiums that they can’t afford, the coverage denied, and the impenetrable maze of insurance company bureaucracy that keeps them from the care they need.  That is what is real.  The myths and distortions of opponents cannot change that.

But reform can begin to address those problems.  Nebraskans know that.  They know health reform means putting patients before profits and making sure Nebraskans have coverage they can count on.  And yesterday they came out to the State Capitol to make that clear.  And it was wonderful.

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I’m also including some links to the press:

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