Meet the Law Clerks: Appleseed’s Young Advocate Series

This is one of a series of posts from Appleseed’s summer law clerks discussing their experiences at Nebraska Appleseed

I was born and raised in Nebraska and lived there until I left for law school, so many of the problems and issues facing Nebraska are very close to my heart.

My experience working at Nebraska Appleseed was absolutely amazing and rewarding.  Appleseed gave me a chance to see these issues in a new light and allowed me to explore my interest in the field of public interest law to the fullest. I was able to work hands-on with practicing attorneys on the many public interest issues facing the State of Nebraska, such as health care, economic opportunity, child welfare, and immigration. This opportunity gave me a chance to really dig into these issues and understand how to attack these problems from a legal as well as policy point of view.

Looking back on the opportunity as a student beginning my second year of law school, I can’t express how important the opportunity to research and write outside of the academic setting was for me. The opportunity provided invaluable knowledge and practice writing for real-life scenarios that you cannot often get in the closed environment of law school. I could not have asked for a better place to spend my 1L summer.

The attorneys and staff were always wonderful and very helpful. The weekly volleyball games were always a highlight and they gave the clerks a chance to bond with each other as well as with the Appleseed staff.

Overall, I would recommend working at Nebraska Appleseed to any law student with a passion for public interest law.

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