Roots of Justice Awardees build multi-ethnic alliances to fight for justice

Roots of Justice AwardIn just two weeks Appleseed will host the Good Apple Awards on October 4 in Omaha. We wrote recently about some of our honorees including Senator Kathy Campbell and the Nebraska Indian Child Welfare Act Coalition.

This year, Appleseed is proud to present our Roots of Justice Award to a trio of Omaha community leaders who work together to build multi-ethnic alliances to help protect the voting rights of all Nebraskans, increase awareness around mass incarceration and racial profiling, help community members come together around shared goals, and embody the spirit that as a community we are stronger together.

The Roots of Justice Award recognizes grassroots advocates who have made outstanding contributions to justice and opportunity for all and have helped build a stronger community.

Carolina Quezada of the Latino Center of the MidlandsSergio Sosa of the Heartland Workers Center, and Willie Hamilton of Black Men United were exceptional leaders in this year’s fight to keep voters in Nebraska from becoming disenfranchised. They have worked together to build support for advocacy and community action across the city and state that allows many diverse communities to harness their voices.

Earlier this year, the trio helped organize efforts in their community to rally against a voter suppression bill that came before the state legislature. The three community leaders again were instrumental in building widespread multiethnic support to re-open a number of Douglas County polling places that were slated to be closed for the upcoming elections. The closed polling places affected a disproportionate number of Douglas County residents that lived in areas with a high percentage of people of color and people who earn lower incomes.

Carolina Quezada, Sergio Sosa, and Willie Hamilton all worked to ensure that everyone could exercise their right to vote. They recognize that voting is one right all Americans have equally.

For their efforts, Nebraska Appleseed is proud to honor them with our 2012 Roots of Justice Award.

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