More groups take stances opposing Fremont’s oppressive anti-immigrant ordinance

Voices from FremontLast week, several civil rights organizations filed amicus briefs in the federal case opposing Fremont’s anti-immigrant ordinance.  It is encouraging so many groups are standing against this measure that is clearly damaging to the fabric of the community.

Nebraska Appleseed filed our own amicus brief in opposition to the ordinance in July.  In our brief, we highlighted the Voices from Fremont series showing the negative impact on Fremont residents of all backgrounds and discussed how laws like these are discriminatory and have a devastating effect on communities. We hope the 8th Circuit builds on the district court’s opinion and strikes down the entire ordinance as being unconstitutional.

As more states and cities reject similar socially toxic and economically self-defeating laws, we need to continue to work toward creating positive, common-sense federal immigration laws that uphold our values and move our country forward.

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