Second White House Meeting on Immigration Reform Responds to Thousands of Community Questions

Text-network-flyer---you-can-make-the-differenceWhile we’re immersed in one of the most important opportunities for our country’s future, the movement for health care reform, the White House and community advocates last week took a moment to demonstrate continued urgency and momentum for a fixing broken immigration system. Nearly 100 labor, business, law enforcement, faith and community leaders met with Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and President Obama to express concerns about serious health and due process violations in our current enforcement procedures and to discuss workable solutions that will uphold our values and help us move forward. More than 4,000 questions from grassroots community members poured in for the meeting in just 24 hours.

Similarly, as we continue to bring our voices to the health care debate, we can also take a moment to prepare for the next critical discussion. Now is the time to build our cell phone and email action network.

Here are a few very simple action steps to make immigration reform a reality. Let’s act NOW so that we are ready when immigration reform heats up this fall:

  1. Join the cell phone action network and email network for immigration reform! Text “justice” (or “justicia” for Spanish messages) to 69866, then be sure to respond to the first message by entering your zip code. This will provide you with important updates. Please note: the text network will not overload you with messages. You will receive approximately 2 per month, never more than 1 per week. Also go to or and sign in for email updates.
  2. Help build the cell phone network. Invite your friends, family, and neighbors to join. Share these cell phone network instructions. Post these flyers in community centers, small businesses, and other gathering places around your town.

In the meantime, don’t forget about the “Vote Yes for Health Reform” rally on the Capitol steps in Lincoln tonight at 6pm. And when you’re there, ask your friends to join the cell phone action network for immigration reform.

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