We Need a System that doesn’t Leave People Behind

rally_flyer_082509_tnThe Health Care Reform debate is currently playing out across Nebraska as town hall meetings, ads and rally’s are happening in many communities. There is a very vocal and well organized voice that would like to stop any health care reform in Congress. Today they will have their rally in Omaha and will likely get media coverage suggesting Nebraskans should be afraid of change. This issue is so critical to the families we fight for and for our country as a whole. So many people are without any insurance and many that have insurance struggle to afford it or can only use it in limited circumstances. We need a system that doesn’t leave people behind.

Appleseed staff have been working very hard over the last year to help ensure that Congress addresses the current broken system. On Tuesday, August 25, on the west side of the capital from 6-7pm, there will be a rally for folks that support reform. (See attached flyer for details). It is very critical to this issue that there be a large number of people that show up for this event to remind our representatives that Nebraskans support reform. We are committed to turning out at least 50 people as part of Appleseed’s contribution to the event. It would be great if many of you could attend and bring your friends and family that support fixing our broken health care system. Our staff will be there in force as will our partners. There will be several speakers representing the broad constituencies that support health care reform as well as a representative from the White House. For more information on this event visit: http://neappleseed.org/healthcare

Thanks for all you do to help Appleseed fight for justice and opportunity for all.


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