Maha Music Festival and You’re Welcome in Omaha

This past weekend marked the fourth annual MAHA Music Festival in Omaha. The nonprofit music festival brings local and national music groups together in the spirit of arts celebration and community building.

One symbol that was hard to miss the day of the festival was the MAHA bird. The logo pays tribute to Chief Blackbird of the Maha Indian Tribe. Drew Davies of Oxide Design Co. is quoted on the MAHA website saying the logo captures “pride, place, and independence.”

This year the festival incorporated local nonprofit and community groups in its first-ever “Community Village,” including You’re Welcome in Omaha. Many festival goers stopped by to join the You’re Welcome spirit. They offered their own message about why people from all over the world are welcome in Omaha – and how Omahans, no matter where they’re from originally, are neighbors here working together for a strong community. The concept behind You’re Welcome is simple: our communities are stronger when everyone feels welcomed.

You’re Welcome found a great home at MAHA. The nonstop trail of visitors contributed great thoughts about “pride, place, and independence” within a welcoming context. Check out all of our photos from the festival. To get involved or learn more, contact Christa Yoakum at

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