A Step Forward for Aspiring U.S. Citizens

Tomorrow, applications for the important new deferred action policy for DREAMers will be released. This worthwhile policy grants temporary relief from deportation for DREAMers – young, aspiring citizens who have grown up in the United States – and allows applicants to apply for a two-year work permit. Most important, it reaffirms that these youth are already Americans in all but their paperwork.

As a result of the new policy, these youth will be able to continue their education and contribute to their communities without fear of being separated from their families and homes.

To ensure that eligible DREAMers are equipped with up-to-date information on the new policy, we have provided some useful materials and references on our website.

We applaud this positive first step toward an immigration process that works for America’s future. It will not only help these young, aspiring citizens to participate and contribute in the country they know as home but will also benefit us all with stronger and richer communities.

Update:  The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has just released the deferred action application forms along with instructions that can assist applicants in filling out the required documents.  Complete information on the deferred action process can be found here at the USCIS website.

Please note that applicants should not send in any forms before August 15 and before they consult with a reliable attorney or Bureau of Immigration Appeals accredited legal representative.

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