The Economic Dividends of Welcoming Immigrants

You’re Welcome celebrates diverse communities that welcome both immigrant and non-immigrant neighbors. But it’s not just our communities that are enriched when all people are welcome, it is also true that local businesses and economies thrive when all people are able to work together.

Forbes magazine recently published an article discussing the business opportunities that immigrants contribute to in our communities. David Lubell, founder of Welcoming America, is quoted in the article stating, “we want to recognize communities that welcome newcomers because we know that those places will be better positioned to attract global workforces and global investment. They’ll be better positioned to succeed in a 21st-century economy. They’ll be better able to help the public understand that our communities are strongest when everyone who lives in them feels welcomed. And as Americans, that’s something that we can all benefit from.”

The article discusses immigrant Americans’ contributions as entrepreneurs and business owners, employees, investors, and consumers. It also highlights the unique leadership opportunity for businesses to pave the way for integration in communities – uniting everyone as vital contributors.

The same concept is true here in Omaha – more than 20 non-profit organizations and professional groups have already partnered with You’re Welcome in Omaha to promote inclusion, diversity, and connectedness. For more information or to get involved, contact Christa Yoakum at

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