Many Voices Are Stronger Together

One voice shouting on a street corner may be easy to ignore, but a large group speaking together is a voice that will be heard.

This week, many community groups gathered in Omaha to discuss the power of unity at “Stronger Together,” a retreat facilitated by the Leadership Conference Education Fund.  At the  “Stronger Together” retreat, community activists and community organizations discussed the value of building coalitions based on mutual respect and shared goals.

The community groups at “Stronger Together” started the workshop on Tuesday night by learning more about each other, their organizations, their missions, and their goals.  The groups discovered that regardless of the ethnic origin or economic status of the people whose interests they represent, many of their goals were similar – fair opportunity, equal justice, nonviolence, and respect.

Wednesday, the organizations participated in seminars on how to create and sustain a coalition, how to get your message out to the local media, how to set achievable goals, how to energize your supporters, and how to affect real, positive change.  The group looked at a successful case study recently in Omaha where a number of organizations joined together to make sure all Omahans had equal opportunities to vote after many polling places in North and South Omaha were closed.

“Stronger Together” allowed many of these groups to build new relationships or strengthen existing ones.  Nebraska Appleseed was proud to participate, and believes true positive change can come to Nebraska when many voices come together on common ground.

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