You’re Welcome! Photo Anthology

Nebraska’s summer cultural festivals create a perfect opportunity to recognize and appreciate the diversity in our state. By sharing music, food, and art — as we have for generations — communities come together and begin to create a culture of inclusiveness.

Throughout the summer, we’ll be presenting photos of Nebraskans sharing why they believe Nebraska is and should be a welcoming place.

This photo blog — compiled from events throughout the summer such as the Omaha Heritage Festival, the Santa Lucia Festival, and the Summer Arts Festival — illustrates Nebraskans’ shared interest in building a vibrant, welcoming state.

Send us your photo and look for more photos to be posted here soon!

Immigration to Nebraska is bringing exciting opportunities and new neighbors to our communities. Nebraska is Home, a locally led effort affiliated with Welcoming America, brings together Nebraskans from all walks of life to promote a strong, shared future.

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