Op`por*tu”ni*ty, noun; pl. Opportunities

Opportunity is a crucial word for Nebraska Appleseed.  It is central to our mission for the Low-Income Self-Sufficiency Program.  Part of our fundamental purpose is to grow the vision of opportunity for all in Nebraska and to work towards opening the doors to basic needs, education, and job opportunity in our state.

This summer, we asked folk s across the state to tell us their vision for opportunity in Nebraska.  So, for my blog post today, I’m going to share some fellow Nebraskan’s interpretations of one of my favorite words:


Opportunity in Nebraska is: the ability to live a good life by engaging with other community members in building that life- one project at a time (a town movie theatre, a town festival, an opera house, unique educational facilities and groups of people who learn to be citizens.)  – John, Holdrege

Opportunity in Nebraska is: ensuring economic opportunity for a range of Nebraskans, across age, race, and income levels.  To keep and entice people to Nebraska, they need to see that the state and the economy are growing and that there is a role for diverse people in this growth.  – Jill, Lincoln

Opportunity in Nebraska is: fulfilling work that provides adequate income to support all families so we can really live “the Good Life.” – Kim, Scottsbluff

Opportunity in Nebraska is: collaboration between public, private and civic organizations to address these issues:  education, training, poverty, transportation.  So that families can thrive in Nebraska.  Sense of community, civility, pride in neighborhood, town, county, and state.  – Jane, Papillion

These statements remind us to keep our “eyes on the prize” of creating the best Nebraska possible for all.  They truly do underscore what the Low-Income Self-Sufficiency Program is all about.

So I’d like to ask: what is your definition of opportunity in Nebraska?  What chances and possibilities do you want to see in our state?  Add your perspective to our vision and let us know:  What is Opportunity in Nebraska to you?

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