More Support for Restoration of Prenatal Care

pregnancyThere is a great editorial this morning from the Lincoln Journal Star calling for the restoration of prenatal care coverage and the passage of LB 599. The editorial notes the irrefutable moral and fiscal reasons for restoring coverage and, we believe, rightly notes that it is time to debate this issue. It is time that voters understood who would not prioritize the health of our unborn children.

Read the editorial

It is worth noting that the federal government did not tell Nebraska’s Department of Health and Human Services that NDHHS could no longer cover unborn children. The federal government told Nebraska that the state could simply make a technical correction and cover unborn children in a different program – one that is specifically for health care coverage of children. The state instead chose to terminate coverage.

Appleseed and Voices for Children organized a press conference on February 7th in support of LB 599. See video of all the speakers

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