Panel Responds to Youths’ Questions about Child Welfare System Privatization

Sarah Helvey

Sarah Helvey

Last Wednesday, Child Welfare Director Sarah Helvey spoke at a Reform Roundtable event sponsored by Project Everlast.  About 35 youth with foster care experience attended to eat pizza, learn about privatization, and get answers from a panel of representatives from DHHS, KVC, NFC, Nebraska Appleseed, and Voices for Children.  Questions ranged from how a Title IV-E waiver would work to the recent emphasis on keeping children in their own homes, and many youth expressed concerns about what changes were really being made.  Specifically, youth wondered why the focus hadn’t always been on preventing unnecessary removals and what role privatization had played in this “culture shift.”

The event lasted for two hours, although the youths’ passion could have easily carried conversations on much longer.  We are excited to continue working with Project Everlast on youth-driven events like this in the future!

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  One Reply to “Panel Responds to Youths’ Questions about Child Welfare System Privatization”

  1. keri rockwell
    02/16/2012 at 2:30 pm

    Amen! Caseworkers and others need to stop criminalizing poverty and different cultures aka people of color. Good enough is sometimes good enough doesn’t have to be perfect cause once in the system statistically those children will be worse off. It’s about time “the Man aka the system” listened to children. I have read court reports where things like dirty dishes and tv watching when sleeping are used as an excuse to not reunite a child. We assist the foster parent more than the parent had the parent had some services or intervention, placement could be avoided. I think they really need to look @ race and how it plays a role in removal. I see people of color doing one thing getting kids removed and if a white person does that same thing they are not removed…unless they are poor. Thanks appleseed for all u do.

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