Thousands Gather for Civil and Human Rights in Alabama

One Family, One AlabamaToday thousands of Alabamians are gathering to launch the “One Family, One Alabama” campaign to challenge state lawmakers to repeal the nation’s most vicious anti-immigrant law.  Members of Congress will hear from people whose lives have been damaged by the law. Local leaders and civil rights leaders from around the country will speak at the historic Sixteenth Street Baptist Church. Numerous recent news articles have documented the effects on schools, children, families, and businesses.

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The Alabama Coalition for Immigrant Justice explains, “This law affects every community in Alabama, not just immigrant communities.  It damages our schools.  It diverts law enforcement’s attention from real crime in every community.  Public resources needed for schools, health care, and transportation are being drained to defend and implement a morally and fiscally unconscionable law.  Our State is unearthing the pain and shame of our past, once again refusing to honor the humanity of people who simply want to live with dignity, hope for their children, and the necessities of life.  It hurts every single person who lives in Alabama, whether they realize it yet or not.”

You can take action today to show solidarity with the “One Family, One Alabama, One America” campaign. The Alabama Coalition for Immigrant Justice has asked for you support in these ways:

BILLS FOR BILLBOARDS:  Contribute to an ad campaign to change the hearts, minds and votes of Alabama lawmakers. Your donation will help post billboards across Alabama, challenging legislators to repeal Alabama’s heartless immigration law!  The billboards will use images of “One Family, One Alabama, One America” created by people from all over the country, posted on the Alabama Coalition For Immigrant Justice Facebook page! Click here for donation information.

SOCIAL MEDIA: Post a picture or video to Facebook and Twitter depicting what “One Family, One Alabama, One America” means to you. Post your videos, pictures, and drawings to Alabama Coalition for Immigrant Justice’s Facebook page, Governor Robert Bentley’s Facebook page. Share on other social media sites that are significant to you and your community—this could be your state legislator, your place of worship or a local leader. Help spread the message that we are all One Family! Tell us what One America means to you, your family and your community.  On Twitter, follow @ALimmigrant and #CrisisAL for updates, and share your thoughts with @GovernorBentley.

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