Trust Movement: Health Care Reform in Action

A not so famous, but entirely important psychologist, Alfred Adler once said, “Trust movement. Life happens at the level of events, not words. Trust movement.” I was reminded of these words as I stood on top of Upper Senate Park last week and looked over the thousands of people standing in the blistering sun rallying for health care. Admittedly, I might be too young to remember if this kind of mass mobilization took place during ‘HillaryCare’ and I’m definitely too young to have tasted the sweat of the marches on Washington during the 60’s. But I stood on the hill with nine fellow Nebraskans and felt a sense of progress. How could any member of Congress not feel the movement vibrating from the park? Health care reform must happen this year.

Our journey to D.C. certainly had its setbacks, but our team was determined to get to the rally. Our group of Nebraskans endured quite a bit to get there; delays, chemo therapy treatments, uncomfortable sleeping situations, missed medical appointments, not so good fast food, and more. Despite all of the troubles, I don’t think any of us anticipated the power that the ‘movement’ would have on us. We approached the park and stopped, incredibly excited by what lay before and around us. Thousands of Americans, in every color of shirt possible, standing shoulder to shoulder in the hot Virginia sun, filling the entire park. Every one of them yelling for health care reform this year.

The rainbow of shirts, faces, ages, and medical conditions revealed a very important component of why we had traveled so far. We weren’t alone. Our pre-existing conditions, skyrocketing premiums, uncertainty and fear of losing coverage, and our troubles with insurance company claims were represented over and over in the thousands of Americans we walked amongst. Nebraskans are not alone in the health care struggles they are facing.

Yet, when we visited with our members of Congress it was clear that the enormity and force of this movement hadn’t been fully communicated to them. We need more Nebraskans creating their own movement so it will be felt by our delegation in Washington.

It’s time to commit to calling our Members of Congress. Working together, we can construct a virtual march on Washington. Support the Nebraskans who traveled to DC and participate in our own, Nebraska grown rally. Call your Members of Congress toll free early next week and tell them reform can’t wait one more year. It takes five minutes and its impact is real and can make reform happen.

Nebraskans need a choice when it comes to health care because too many families are struggling to keep up and many face daily uncertainty. Join me and the other Nebraskans who went to DC, by calling 1-888-264-HCAN toll free. Make a phone call, because health care reform just can’t wait.

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  2 Replies to “Trust Movement: Health Care Reform in Action”

  1. Angel Romero Kiester
    07/02/2009 at 1:59 pm

    You are exactly right! I am one of the fellow Nebraskans who went to D.C. and I’m not sure if I will ever feel the same empowering feeling that comes with the mass unity I was blessed to be a part of on June 25, 2009. Join us now and help us continue the fight. Health Care should be a right not a privilege!

  2. Mary Gallagher
    07/07/2009 at 11:16 pm

    I was honored to have attended the Healthcare Reform Rally in Washington, DC. Labor Unions from all over the country were represented there and I am proud to have represented NAPE/AFSCME through HCAN. Our group of 9 Nebraskans were comprised of 4 nurses, a lawyer, 2 pastors, a small business owner, a retired Veteran, a farmer, 2 college students, a non-profit employee, a state employee, an insurance employee, we all wore many hats. We spoke at Senator Ben Nelson’s office so that our voices had faces and our messages were personal. We were 9 in a sea of thousands but it was powerful. We need a healthcare system that cares for all of us and we deserve it. Call your Senator and have a voice.

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