A Law Clerk’s View: Tools to Work in a Public Interest Career

Molly McCleeryI started law school knowing that I wanted to go into public interest law, and working at Appleseed has provided me with excellent preparation for a public interest career. I can honestly say that working at Appleseed has been my favorite part of my law school experience. It has been great to be able to take the things I’ve learned in classes at Creighton and apply them while working on issues I feel passionate about.

One of the things I appreciate most about working at Appleseed is the ability to work on a variety of legal and policy issues.  I started working at Appleseed last May; and during my time here, I have focused mostly on issues involving access to public benefits and health care.  This summer, I was able to switch gears and work primarily on child welfare issues.  While working on child welfare projects, I was able to do a lot of research and writing, as well as engage in discussions with the attorneys working in the program. These discussions were extremely valuable, as I was able to see the way that different people engage in legal and policy analysis and get feedback on anything on which I was working.

Ultimately, I feel extremely fortunate to have been able to work in place that is so focused on meeting the needs of the Nebraska’s individuals and communities.  My clerkship has both helped me to become more aware of the issues faced by those living in this state and provide me with skills and tools to work in a public interest career.

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