Organizations Urge a Balanced, Values Based Approach in Federal Budget Negotiations

Federal BudgetNebraska Appleseed joined organizations from across the state Tuesday to urge the President and Nebraska’s federal representatives in Washington to develop a budget that reflects Nebraska values. In a Statement of Principles, Nebraska organizations called on the President and Congress to address the federal deficit while also protecting vulnerable Americans and economic security.

It is important that we are speaking up now. President Obama said Tuesday he wants a resolution on the debt ceiling and deficit reduction plan within the next 10 days.

As policymakers craft an agreement that will effect Nebraska’s families, communities and economy, the Statement of Principles means that solutions are highlighted that protect opportunities to keep the American dream within reach for all Americans.

Together, we are reminding policymakers that the budget should not be balanced on the backs of families, children, seniors, people with disabilities and the other vulnerable populations who benefit from these programs. Low-income assistance programs, such as Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, formerly Food Stamps), have historically been exempted from cuts deficit reduction efforts.

At a time when states are already struggling toward a fragile economic recovery, the Statement of Principles sheds light on often overlooked realities in the budget debate. It reminds our leaders that cuts to essential programs should not come at the expense of protecting tax cuts for millionaires or special interest tax breaks for powerful corporations. Instead, we must emphasize balanced solutions that include revenues and offer alternatives that do not burden Nebraska’s economic future.

As Nebraska’s federal representatives strive in Washington to reach an agreement in the coming days, I’m proud that Nebraska Appleseed is standing together with other organizations to fight for a national budget that promotes the well-being of Nebraskans and reflects our state values.

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