“Opportunity: Points of View” Exhibit Now On-Line!

OPOVOpportunity is a value that is deeply woven into American culture. Opportunities to get an education, to earn a living, and to make a life for your self and your family are essential to developing “The American Dream” in our nation and in our state.

It’s what the Low Income Economic Opportunity Program is all about: building a Nebraska where all families have a real chance to achieve the American Dream.

And that’s why I’m pleased to launch the new “Opportunity: Points of View” on-line exhibit. This exhibit illustrates ways that real Nebraskans have leveraged opportunities such as support from the Aid to Dependent Children Program, child care assistance, and access to education to achieve their American Dreams.

Ranging from a young mom in Ogallala to a car accident survivor in Lincoln, the exhibit reflects the stories of hardworking Nebraskans who have overcome life obstacles. The exhibit was created by photographer Nathan Chandler of 40 Nights Photography, author Mary Pipher, and Nebraska Wesleyan University student Meera Bhardwaj. It was produced by Nebraska Appleseed with support from the Nebraska Arts Council, the Nebraska Humanities Council, and the Woods Charitable Fund. Our sincere thanks to everyone who was involved in the creation of this exhibit.

I encourage you to take a look at our gallery and share your thoughts!

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