Happy Birthday to Nebraska Appleseed!

Appleseed-15-years-sowingToday, Nebraska Appleseed celebrates its 15-year anniversary!

Fifteen years ago, our founders incorporated Nebraska Appleseed with the mission that, like Johnny Appleseed, we would “sow the seeds of justice” across the Great Plains – advocating fairness, opportunity, and equal justice for all people.

These core values continue to drive our staff, interns, volunteers and supporters to address systemic problems at their roots and advance the rights and interests of low-income families, children in foster care, immigrants, and people who lack health care in Nebraska.

Fifteen years ago, our founders recognized that Nebraska was fertile ground for an organization that would advocate for those who often lack influence over public policy decisions that affect them the most.

To that end, Nebraska Appleseed has creatively championed justice for all people in the places where public policy is made – using litigation in court, promoting smart policy at the Legislature, and organizing community members at the grassroots level. Together, we have won victories in court helping working-poor families become self-sufficient, passed smart public policy that promotes opportunity for all people, and empowered community members to have their voices heard.

Advancing justice and opportunity at the roots is hard and victories haven’t always come easily.

But inch by inch, and row by row, we tend the seeds of justice in Nebraska. Together, with our dedicated team of staff, volunteers, and community allies like you, we have made positive, system-wide changes in Nebraska.

Over the coming months we plan to share our accomplishments with supporters like you – told through the stories of people who have been positively affected by our work.

I want you to meet the people behind the policy – people who overcome adversity to make ends meet, tireless advocates who champion justice in the community, lawyers who volunteer their skills and expertise. I want you to meet the visionary people who build a stronger Nebraska, a place where all people have a real chance at achieving the American dream.

Look to our blog, follow us on Facebook and through email for these stories and other events throughout the year celebrating our work throughout these past fifteen years.  Also stay tuned for more news about our 15-year anniversary “Good Apple” awards reception later this year in Omaha on Thursday, September 22.

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