Support for housing justice and for our Nebraska DREAMers

UnicameralThe Legislature continues to discuss and advance legislation as all-day floor debate is underway for the rest of session. As a reminder, priority bills from senators and committees will be the focus of debate and you can view those finalized priorities here. A number of important issues have been designated as priorities by senators and we will keep you updated as those priority bills are scheduled for debate.

Housing justice legislation advances

Last week, LB320 – introduced and prioritized by Senator John Cavanaugh – advanced from General File to the next round of debate!  This bill contains a number of important updates to Nebraska’s Landlord-Tenant Act that will help address Nebraska’s housing needs and provide tenants better access to justice. You can find out how your senator voted here. Thanks to everyone who contacted their senator in support of this important piece of legislation.

Unemployment benefits access for DREAMers

Yesterday Senator Mike McDonnell’s priority bill, LB298, was voted out of the Business and Labor Committee and will now head to the floor for debate. Nebraska is the only state where DACA and TPS recipients and other work authorized immigrants cannot access unemployment benefits that they have earned and that their employer has paid. LB298 would update state law to create parity in the system and allow DACA and TPS holders to access these benefits when needed.

You can show support for LB298 by leaving a comment on the bill’s page (“Submit Comments Online for LB298”).

Essential protections for essential Nebraskans

Senator Tony Vargas designated LB241 as his personal priority bill for the session. This important piece of legislation protects Nebraska’s meatpacking workers with common-sense and critical COVID-19 protections: 6-foot distancing, sufficient masks, effective screening and quarantine practices, and enforcement mechanisms to ensure compliance.

As the impact of the pandemic continues across our country, it is still vitally important that essential workers in Nebraska’s meatpacking plants can go to work safely. You can show support for meatpacking workers and their families by emailing your senator.

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