Omaha Senator Offers Alternative to Arizona-style Bill

Nebraska State CapitolOmaha Sen. Brenda Council today introduced a common-sense alternative to an Arizona-style bill — a resolution for immigration reform “modeled after the Utah Compact, a statement of principles developed by a broad coalition of Utah politicians, businesses, civic groups, law enforcement and religious leaders” (Lincoln Journal Star 1/18/11). “It’s very powerful,” said Judiciary Chairman Brad Ashford, who signed onto the resolution. “It’s a solution that makes sense.”

Read the full story | Read the resolution (LR 39)

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  One Reply to “Omaha Senator Offers Alternative to Arizona-style Bill”

  1. 01/22/2011 at 6:20 pm

    We are very pleased that Brenda listened to us when we wrote to her and other senators back in December, asking for their support for this alternative. It’s outstanding that there is strong support from both sides of the aisle. If we had this level of bipartisan ship in Washington DC we’d be well along in solving our immigration mess instead of gridlock. Note: the same people who write most of these anti-immigration laws also promptly label any type of sensible reform as “amnesty”, and want to drastically reduce legal immigration. To them, it’s about population control and eugenics. Google John Tanton sometime. He founded FAIR. They are evil people, and there’s a reason the Southern Poverty Law Center deemed them a hate group.

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