Appleseed welcomes Megan Hamann, Economic Justice community organizer

Megan Hamann is our new Economic Justice Community Organizer focused on food and nutrition access! Megan’s pronouns are she/her/hers. In her role she is working on food security in Nebraska, working directly with people who have limited access to nutritious food to advocate for meaningful change across Nebraska. Megan is completing her Global Studies Major at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln this fall and is excited to apply her knowledge and expertise to her new role. 

This is the first formal organizing role Megan has occupied, but she has a wealth of experience in organizing from her work with a youth leadership non-for-profit, Amigos de las Américas. Over the past 3 years, Megan has worked on AMIGOS Staff to implement community projects in rural areas of Panamá and Ecuador by placing high school-aged youth in host communities and teaching these youth key organizing skills to facilitate community-led, asset-based community initiatives in their communities. By partnering with regional government agencies, Megan leveraged local expertise in order to provide on-the-ground support to her volunteers and their communities. 

“Working with AMIGOS galvanized my enthusiasm for community organizing. My roles with the organization have taught me the critical importance of engaging community members to create the positive change they want to see for their communities. Organizing has a huge potential for empowering disenfranchised communities and developing new leaders and advocates who have a personal, informed perspective on what their community needs. I am thrilled to take on this new role where I can foster that growth and positive change in the place I call home.”

Help us welcome Megan! You can reach Megan at 

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