All Nebraska Families Need COVID-19 Relief

We are all feeling the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, including our immigrant neighbors

We need relief during a pandemic. While previous federal COVID-relief efforts have brought support and protection to some, millions of immigrant families have been excluded and continue to struggle during the pandemic across the country. Mixed-status families were excluded from federal COVID-19 relief, even if one or more members were U.S. citizens. Families, regardless of immigration status, should be included.

Over and over, Congress overlooks immigrant families for COVID-19 relief packages, despite immigrant Nebraskans contributing millions in tax dollars. Even citizens in mixed-households were excluded from relief, resulting in thousands of Nebraska residents who did not receive any COVID-19 stimulus relief.

Congress should provide economic relief checks for all families, including a retroactive relief payment for those excluded from the CARES Act, passed in March. Additionally, paid sick leave should be extended to workers not covered by the CARES Act so they can safely recover from illness as well as extending unemployment eligibility to all, regardless of immigration status.

Essential workers, such as those in food production, need strong public health protections in workplaces.

The Dream and Promise Act offers permanent stability for Dreamers and TPS holders to plan for the future and continue contributing their skills and talents to our communities. This is even more important than ever with the Department of Homeland Security placing more barriers to DACA and a recent court case negatively impacts TPS residents who have lived in the country for decades building businesses and families.

Take Action:

Congress is considering more COVID-19 relief packages and it’s time to make our voices heard. Recent Senate proposals have not included COVID relief support for mixed-status or undocumented families.

Urge our U.S. Senators to pass long-overdue protections:

  • Immigrant Nebraskans are a critical part of our families and communities, and should be included in pandemic relief, including stimulus relief, access to testing and treatment, and extension of work authorization.
  • We need a stable, common-sense solution for Nebraska Dreamers and TPS families. Pass the Dream and Promise Act without further delay.

Sen. Deb Fischer (202) 224-6551 | Sen. Ben Sasse (202) 224-4224

Please stand with immigrant Nebraskans and demand COVID-19 relief for every family.

Read more on our blog about additional supports, like Medicaid funding and rental assistance, to also urge Congress to include in a comprehensive and inclusive relief package.

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