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Top JobsJobs: they’re what’s on everyone’s mind as we work to build economic recovery.  What job opportunities are available in Nebraska?  What jobs are “good jobs”?  What jobs have growth potential?  What jobs pay wages that support families?

Our Nebraska Appleseed’s Top Jobs for Families in 2010: Jobs that Contribute to Economic Recovery and Family Success report is intended to contribute to positive family and economic growth by identifying quality job choices and areas for future workforce investments.

The report answers the job questions on everyone’s mind by identifying “Top Jobs” by family type and region based on several criteria.  The jobs identified must pay a family supporting wage, be in an industry likely to provide benefits, have growth potential, and require at least a high school diploma, but not more than an Associate’s degree.  Statewide, top occupations include: installation, maintenance, and repair, office and administrative support, production, healthcare support, and business and financial operations.

In these tough economic times, it is essential that Nebraska’s working families pursue jobs that pay family supporting wages and contribute to economic growth.  Our “Top Jobs” report identifies such jobs, and provides several recommendations for growing job opportunities in our state:

  1. Nebraska should invest in career “bridges” that help Adult Education students transition into community college programs of study in areas related to “Top Jobs” for families. Such bridges should provide educational counseling, supportive services such as transportation and child care, and tuition assistance to help families make the transition to college successfully.
  2. Our state should provide new forms of tuition assistance designed for non-traditional students pursuing education in-demand fields.
  3. Nebraska should use the “Top Jobs for Working Families” report to counsel participants about their options in the Aid to Dependent Children, Workforce Investment Act, and SNAP Employment and Training programs, and provide targeted opportunities in these programs that lead to quality jobs in Nebraska.

Nebraska Appleseed’s Low Income Economic Opportunity program continues to promote education and skills training opportunities for low-income families so that they can enter these growing fields.  The ultimate goal is for families to have opportunities to have real opportunities to pursue their economic goals and provide for their children – our “Top Jobs” report is a step in the right direction.

P.S. We especially thank our talented intern, Cooper Overcash, for his contributions to this report.  If you are interested in an internship with Nebraska Appleseed see for current opportunities!

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