TAKE ACTION: Together We Stand with Meatpacking Workers

Last week, 25 organizations across the state called on the Nebraska Legislature to take immediate action to protect our family members, friends, and neighbors working in meat and poultry plants from COVID-19. Now, you can take action, too. Meatpacking workers in Nebraska are among the hardest hit by the pandemic, and packing plants have been one of the state’s most serious vectors for COVID-19. Thousands of plant employees have fallen ill, hundreds have been hospitalized, and at least 19 have died.

Lack of protections in meatpacking facilities threatens the lives of essential workers and their family members, as well as our communities, farmers, and stability of our food production. We can’t wait 6 months for critical protections.

Take Action to Protect Nebraska’s Essential Meatpacking Workers!

Thank you for standing with Nebraskans who, after many months, are still at risk every day processing our food. Together we can make a difference and establish clear and enforceable COVID-19 protections for meat and poultry workplaces.

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