Nebraskans for Expansion: Medicaid Expansion is important because it is practical, it is now law, and it is the right thing to do.

Note: This is a guest post from Rich Patton, Nebraska Appleseed volunteer.

My name is Rich Patton. I am retired from 37 years of award-winning public school service (teacher, principal, special education director, superintendent). In retirement, I am a performing musician.

During the Insure the Good Life campaign in 2018, I volunteered to circulate petitions, deliver letters, and have written about the importance of Medicaid expansion in our local newspapers.

Nebraska voters are very disappointed that the Governor has not yet implemented a program that would help our fellow Nebraskans get the health care they need.

Practical – Medicaid expansion will help reduce insurance premiums for all Nebraskans as is evidenced in other states. It is the most efficient, economic, and effective way to get health care to Nebraskans that do not have insurance at this time. Currently, Nebraskans without insurance go to the emergency room for medical care which is the most expensive and ineffective way to give treatment. Many expensive conditions could be easily and more economically treated with preventative care and good medical/pharmaceutical follow up.

In addition, increasing the number of healthy Nebraskans will reap benefits for our economy because we will have better workers, students, parents, and families.

We currently pay for the health care received by all Nebraskans. Our state can choose to do this in the most affordable and efficient manner (Medicaid expansion) or the most expensive and inefficient (our current practices).

It’s the Law – It is now required by law because the voters decisively passed it.

Right – All Nebraskans deserve good health care. We are a better society when we take good care of each other. This is a common Nebraska value.

Take Action

After years of waiting, Nebraskans in the coverage gap will finally be able to enroll in expanded Medicaid coverage later this year. Stories are the most powerful form of advocacy, and we would love to hear your story.

We want to know why Medicaid expansion is important to you. How will it make a difference for you or your loved ones? How has this pandemic increased the need for Medicaid Expansion?

To share your story, click here or submit your story using our easy, secure form below.

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