Take Action: Speak Up for Housing Rights

In February, the City of Lincoln released a draft of its 2020 Affordable Housing Coordinated Action Plan. The Affordable Coordinated Action Plan is built from a wealth of information that forms a picture of Lincoln’s housing market today. It includes an examination of Lincoln’s historic trends, population demographics, economy, and housing market conditions.

The plan confirms what we’ve heard directly from Lincolnites over the past three years: housing adequacy and affordability is a major problem for many Lincolnites.

We need a plan that meaningfully expands access to affordable, adequate housing, particularly for low-paid Lincolnites who rent.

We recommend the City of Lincoln include three specific initiatives in the final Affordable Housing Coordinated Action Plan:

  1. A feasibility study of inclusionary housing
  2. Better code enforcement through proactive inspections of rental units
  3. Protections for all legal sources of income used for rent


The City of Lincoln has opened a comment period for Lincolnites like you to weigh in on the draft plan. The city’s deadline is Friday, May 15, 2020, but you can speak up now for housing rights!

Use our easy and secure form to submit and we’ll be sure they are included in the comments to help shape the final version of the Affordable Housing Coordinated Action Plan.

Thank you for speaking up for housing rights for all. Get up to date information on our Collective Impact Lincoln page!

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