Grants available for Nebraska schools to start the day with a win

$5,000 Grants Available to Help Nebraska Schools Start the Day With a Win


Note: This is a guest post from Bailey Hansen, Appleseed’s Youth Ambassador

Breakfast at school can be hard to get to for many students thanks to busy mornings, late buses, or before-school extracurricular activities. However, schools that serve breakfast through Grab and Go, Breakfast in the Classroom, or Second Chance models reduce these barriers and help make sure more kids get to eat. Nebraska schools that have made the switch see calmer classrooms, healthier kids, higher test scores, and increased revenue!


Nebraska’s Go Big Breakfast coalition (GoBB for short) has $5,000 Go Big Breakfast Grants available to ALL schools. With this grant, schools can apply for up to $5,000 towards starting an alternative breakfast program or transitioning to an alternative breakfast program from a traditional cafeteria-before-school model. This grant is open to one or multiple schools within a district, and it is not limited by free and reduced-price lunch percentage. It’s not too late to apply! 


Grant applications are being accepted from January 13th until February 21st, 2020.  


GoBB has a variety of breakfast tools including:

  • Implementation Playbook
  • Breakfast decision-maker flyers
  • Success stories of Nebraska breakfast champions whose schools have successfully introduced these programs. 

Find more information at If you have questions, contact Eric Savaiano, Go Big Breakfast facilitator, at or 402-438-8853 ext. 126.


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