Appleseed welcomes Weitz Fellow Nora Brown

Nora Brown is our new Weitz Fellow from Brooklyn, New York! She recently graduated from Carleton College with a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and Spanish. Nora is working with all of our programs in Health Care, Immigrants & Communities, Child Welfare, Economic Justice, and with our Collective Impact Lincoln project. 


Nora interned in Ecuador and Argentina at nonprofits offering assistance to immigrants. During her time in South America, she helped people access resources that would further help them integrate into their communities. She also loved seeing how the communities she worked with came together to advocate for better access to healthcare, childcare, education, and more.  In addition, she assisted with leading “Know Your Rights” sessions for immigrants in Argentina, and knew she wanted to continue this work.


“I am excited to work closely with community members as a part of the Collective Impact Lincoln team, and hope that I am able to better understand what critical issues are impacting community members,” says Nora. “I love meeting new people, and this role gives me the opportunity to meet new community members every day, as well as meet inspiring leaders across Lincoln fighting for change.”


For fun, Nora loves playing ultimate frisbee, cooking, hiking, and anything outdoors or with an adrenaline rush! Join us in welcoming Nora!

You can reach Nora at

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